MapleStory Sengoku High

Nobunaga returns with Sengoku High!

Players must complete the quest given by Boss Kumi (will be in the regular quest notifier and not the event notifier) and defeat 300 monsters around their level to get a Sengoku Class One Day Pass. Supplementary Passes are bought from the Cash Shop, giving players extra runs in the Sengoku Class if they are willing to pay. Earn Oda Coins after defeating the classes in the Sengoku High.

Totems: Each totem costs 1,000 Oda Coins. Once all 3 Totems are equipped, the skillĀ Warring States Manifesto can be used (hits 15 enemies for 500% damage with a 180 second cooldown). Each totem gives +24 All Stats and +8 ATT.

  • Sanada Yukimura Totem
  • Honda Tadakatsu Totem
  • Uesugi Kenshin Totem

Other Rewards:

Dark Onmyouji Effect Kouhai Medal Senpai Medai

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