Warframe Update 16.6

May 27th brings in some more customization options and 2 new ability augments!

Warframe 16.6

New Skins

Kotara – Liset Cosmetic A nature feel with symbols on it (blue Liset in the featured image)
Pahta – Liset Cosmetic An explosive plumage design for your liset (yellow Liset in the featured image)
Armistice Vauban Helmet Vauban Helment (helmet in featured image)

Warframe Ability Augments

Nyx – Chaos : Chaos Sphere Augment for Nyx’s Chaos. For a % duration of Chaos, enemies entering the effect radius will also be affected. The effect radius decreases over time. Specification: This augment DOES NOT reduce the duration of Chaos, but rather it will have this augment in effect for a certain duration of Chaos. Obtained from Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka.
Banshee – Sonic Boom : Sonic Fracture Augment for Banshee’s Sonic Boom. Enemies hit by Sonic Boom will have their armor reduced. Obtained from Cephalon Suda and Perrin Sequence.

Conclave Changes

  • Weapons in the Conclave Arsenal will now show their divided damage (Impact, Puncture, and Slash)
  • Ammo collected from pickups has been increased
  • Ammo pool is capped at the starting ammo capacity
  • The following abilities have been nerfed (decrease in damage): Frost’s Freeze, Ember’s Fireball, Mag’s Pull, Volt’s Shock, and Oberon’s Smite
  • Excalibur’s Slash Dash damage has been increased
  • Mk 1 Strun’s damage has been increased
  • The following weapons have been nerfed: Mk 1 Braton, Strun Wraith, all Latrons, and Daikyu

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