MapleStory GMS v.162

The May 20th update brings some changes to existing events as well as a few new events. General Changes

  • Double EXP Coupons are no longer level restricted, with characters level 249 and lower being able to purchase and use them.
  • A notifier will now appear during Double EXP and Drop events with a slide notice and quest icon on the left hand side of the screen. These displays appear for 30 seconds every 5 minutes until the event ends.

10th Anniversary Event Updates

  • 20 10th Anniversary Coins will be gifted to players who log in May 20th or May 21st. These coins are available once per account.
  • The per character purchase limit for regular and primed 9th Anniversary Scrolls has been increased to 5.
  • Windy’s Shop now has the following items:
    • Shade event equips (Pointy Ear Hat, Pointy Fox Whiskers, and Pointy Tail Cape)
    • White Aurora Cape
  • 10th Anniversary Armor Boxes now have a small chance of dropping from monsters around the player’s level

Pink Zakum (May 20 – June 2)

  • A new Zakum clone can be battled 3 times per day (6:33 PM, 7:33 PM, and 8:33 PM Pacific)
  • The quest can be accepted through the walkie talkie icon in the notifier.
  • After waiting in the lobby, players will be divided into groups for different instances (up to 40 players per instance)
  • Special HP, MP, and Speed buffs will be given to defeat Pink Zakum
  • Pink Zakum is weaker than regular Zakum, so there is only a 20 minute timer to defeat it
  • Talk to Researcher H to leave the battle once you finish (either you give up or defeat Pink Zakum), then talk to Head Researcher Wynn to get your rewards
  • Rewards include the following:
    • 1 time use Special Teleport┬áRock
    • A gift box that gives either a Pink Zakum Arm Cape, Pink Zakum Chair, Pink Zakum Helmet, 5 10th Anniversary Coins, Restorative potions, or Trait items
    • Pink Zakum Helmet gives +3 All Stats and 10 Upgrade Slots
Pink Zakum Chair  Pink Zakum Helmet

Cassandra’s Spring Flower Festival (May 20 – June 2)

  • Collect spring items everyday by hunting monsters and get either an Azalea, Forsynthia, or Clover from Cassandra
  • Select NPCs in the world will trade you an item for 3 of each flower
  • Azalea Sticker gives +2 STR and +2 DEX
  • Forsynthia Sticker gives +2 DEX and +2 LUK
  • Clover Sticker gives +2 LUK and +2 INT
  • Every sticker expires after 1 day and is a Face Accessory for all classes

3!3!3! Events (May 20 – June 2)

  • To start any 3 event, accept the event quest in the notifier
  • Census Week 1 Check is from May 20 to May 26 where special week themed quests will be given
    • Complete 3 of the same quest in a week (each quest can be completed once per day)
    • Lovely Flame Badge will be rewarded (+2 All Stats, +1 ATT)
Lovely Flame Badge
  • Census Week 2 Check is from May 27 to June 2 and is the same as the previous week but with a new reward
Lovely Flame Belt
  • 300 Down is from May 20 to June 24 where players will defeat 300 monsters around your level
    • Quest can be repeated every 10 minutes for a 3×3 Box
    • 3×3 Box can give a random scroll for the 3×3 Gloves, Trait items, 10 Sunrise Dews, or 10 Melting Cheese
    • Defeating 300 monsters 3 times will earn you a Gold 3×3 Box
    • Gold 3×3 Box can give 3×3 Gloves (+1 All Stats, +1 ATT), Equip Enhancement Scroll, Chaos Scroll, 10 Power Elixirs, or a random scroll for the 3×3 Gloves
  • Daily Gifts are from May 20 to June 24 where the Maple Admin will give you 3 items every day you log in
    • Gifts are 10 Fresh Strawberry Juice, 1.3x EXP Coupon (buff lasts 1 hour and coupon is 1 day), and 3×3 Event Teleport Rock (go to any town, but disappears after 3 hours and has a 30 minute cooldown)

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