Warframe Update 16.5 + Operation

The Tubemen of Regor Update is now live alongside an operation!

Operation Tubemen of Regor (May 12 – May 20)


You have the opportunity to strike at the heart of Tyl Regor’s secret cloning labs but this opportunity comes with a difficult choice.

Alad V thinks these labs contain a cure for the Infestation that riddles his body and he wants us to find it. Nef Anyo hates Alad and will do anything to keep him from becoming strong again, including destroying the cure he seeks. Both are offering to lead us to the labs.

You must decide which is the lesser of two evils.

– The Lotus

Mission Details

  • Visit the Grineer Ocean on Uranus and decide whether to help Nef Anyo or Alad V
    • Helping Alad V works towards curing his infestation
    • Helping Nef Anyo works towards destroying the cure
  • Locate the pump room in the mission to flood the facility
  • Break open pipes to allow the water to flood the room then start the pumping process using a nearby console
  • Wait for the pumping process to be completed while keeping enemies at bay
  • Use the elevators to access the caves below once the process is complete

Alad V Path

  • Locate 2 console areas in the DNA room. Find nearby toxin cells and apply them to each console to get important information and sabotage the cloning process. Then go to extraction.
  • This path requires you to steal Grineer Research Components

Nef Anyo Path

  • Locate the Genetic Experiment and defeat it. Process to extraction.
  • This path requires you to destroy Grineer Research Components


  • Fully support Nef Anyo or Alad V in 4 regions to gain a special weapon
    • Helping Nef Anyo grants the Dera Vandal once he is victorious
    • Helping Alad V grants the Karak Wraith once he is victorious

Underwater Tileset

  • This operation is the preview for the new Underwater Grineer Tileset

Nightmare Trials

  • New traps and harder enemies are available in the new Nightmare Trials
  • Nightmare Trial of Vay Hek is available from the market for 100k Credits
    • Building the key requires 5k Credits, 1000 Rubedo, 18000 Nano Spores, and 2 Gallium

Tenno Reinforcements

  • Boltace Tonfa has been released as the new Boltor themed melee weapon. Requires the Boltor and Kronen to craft
  • Daikyu Bow can be found in the Tenno Research Lab and has a longer drawback time for more charge damage and arrow velocity
  • Atomos secondary released as a sort of Grineer version of the Gammacor

New Accessories

  • Caggro Sugatra based on Grineer Design
  • Adventus Arrow Skin Collection: Contains the Cattrail, Sylus, and Meer Arrow Skins. Each skin is available for purchase separately

Conclave Expansion

  • Team Annihilation has been added. Tenno team up to defeat the other team and pick up their drops to earn points toward victory. An 8 player Free For All Annihilation is available as well.
  • 4 new Maps added: Canyon Settlement, Freight Line, Navigation Array, and Docking Bay
  • Valkyr, Ember, and Oberon now available for use

Misc Additions

  • Audio from Warframe will no longer play when the game is minimized or not in use. This option can be toggled in the Audio tab.
  • Audio Communications from the Liset can now be disabled in the options tab.
  • Custom List Interiors are now available from the Decorate Liset tab.
  • Rare Resource Blueprints available in the market. Use more common resources to craft rarer resources.
  • New Syndicate forum avatars are available in the market.
  • Warframes can now toggle specific dangles alongside syandanas. Example being the Mortos Nekros Syandana alongside the Asa Syandana. Both can now be used at the same time.

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