MapleStory 10th Anniversary Events

May 6th marks the beginning of the 10th Anniversary Festival!

In the Beginning, There Was a Mushroom (May 6 – June 2)

  • Help the Scholarly ‘Shroom unravel the mystery behind MapleStory’s various monsters. You must see a mystery to the end before being able to accept a new one.
  • New mysteries will be unlocked on the following dates and will keep going until June 2nd.
5/6 Orange Mushrooms, Axe Stumps, and Horntail
5/13 Yeti and Pepe, Water Thief Monster, and Snail
5/20 Moon Bunny, Pigs and Boars, and Slime
5/25 Pink Bean
  • Orange Mushroom, Water Thief Monster, and Pigs and Boars will become Daily Quests once they are completed.
  • 30 10th Anniversary Coins for every mystery completed, 15 for Orange Mushroom Daily Quest, 10 for Water Thief Monster Daily Quest, and 5 for Pigs and Boars Daily Quest.
Orange Mushroom Damage Skin
Vroom Vroom Mushroom Mount 90 Day Coupon
Monster Researcher Medal 

(+5 All Stats, +2 ATT)

Secret Monster Party Chair
50 10th Anniversary Coins 1 Maple Saint Weapon (one per account)

Cake vs. Pie: The King of Desserts (May 6 – June 2)

  • Choose whether to join the Cake Team or the Pie Team each day and accept your team’s quest and subsequent quests from the event notifier
  • Cake and Pie monsters will appear in various maps. Hunt down the monster of the opposite team to get points for your team (Example: a Cake Team member must hunt Pie Team monsters)
  • You’ll receive special buffs as your team gets more points over the opponent
  • Special Cake and Pie themed equipment from past MapleStory events will be rewarded as you complete more quests for your team

Ikura Rising (May 6 – June 2)

  • Hunt down the new Ikura Monster (created by zEunWol in the Design – a – Monster Contest) that spawns in various towns to get 10th Anniversary Coins, gift boxes, and the new Ikura Warrior Medal
  • Collect 30 Tiny Ikura items from these monsters to complete the event quest
  • Can only be done on 1 Character per world
Ikura Warrior Medal

(+1 All Stats, +1000 Max HP/MP, +1 ATT, +10 Speed and Jump)

10th Anniversary Festival (May 6 – June 2)

  • The Festival Spot needs some help! Use the Teleport Rock given through the event notifier to help Manager Mush set up the festival for the 10th Anniversary
  • Festival Showers will occur in the Festival Spot once the Festival Meter has been filled
    • The Festival Meter is filled by having more players participate in any of the 10th Anniversary events
    • 3 minutes after the Festival Meter is full, items will fall upon the map (you can only collect 3 per shower)
    • Items include 10th Anniversary Coins, Developer’s Letters, 10th Anniversary Armor Boxes, and Potions
    • The Festival Meter can be checked through the event notifier
  • Complete the “To the Festival Spot” and “About the 10th Anniversary Festival” quests from Manager Mush to be able to collect Maple Leaves from monsters
    • Go to Manager Mush to convert 200 Maple Leaves into 1 10th Anniversary Coin
  • Go to Manager Mush to get the Developer’s Letter Collection Book
    • Developer’s Letters can be collected from 10th Anniversary Gift Boxes dropped by monsters around your level as well as various events
    • Developer’s Letters contain messages from the Nexon Korea team, and as you collect more and more you may see repeats
    • Double click the Developer’s Letter Collection Book in your Use Tab to see the letters you have collected
    • You can get 10 10th Anniversary Coins for each section you complete, and 50 Coins for finishing the book
  • Sharing Spirit Buff can be gotten from Manager Mush. This special buff will affect all players around the user and give +30 ATT and +500 Max HP/MP for 30 minutes. It disappears only when you log off or cancel it
    • Use the buff on other players at least 30 times to get the Maple Saint Medal from the 10 Years Together quest.
Maple Saint Medal

(+9 All Stats, +200 Max HP/MP, +5 ATT)

  • 10th Anniversary Commemorative Boxes drop from monsters around your level and will give the following:
    • 3 – 5 Spell Traces
    • Elixirs
    • Developer’s Letters
    • 2 10th Anniversary Coins (50 can be gained everyday per character through this method)
  • Daily Login Gift will give you 3 10th Anniversary Coins every day you log in

10th Anniversary Coin Shop (May 6 – June 24)

  • Spark and Windy will be in the Event Hall selling special items. Some items have a limited time to use after buying it, or a limit available per character so be sure to pay attention to the tool tip
  • Items sold include:
    • Maple Saint equipment as well as special upgrade scrolls for Maple Saint Weapons
    • Special class hats such as the Raven Persona
    • Collectors Items such as Luminous Heaven Dagger and the Aurora Robe
    • Mounts, damage skins, and chairs

Popular items chosen by YOU, the fans! These include the 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls, inventory expansion slots, AP and SP reset scrolls, Job Advancement Coins, Kaiser Color Change Coupons, and much more!


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