Warframe Operation False Profit

The Lotus has given us a new mission: to bankrupt Nef Anyo (April 23 – 29)

The Lotus’ message:


Nef Anyo has made a fortune bilking the system’s gullible, but he is more than a simple con man, he’s using his wealth to bankroll a new line of assault robots called the Bursa. You must stop him before the Bursa becomes a threat to us all.

Your mission is to bankrupt Nef Anyo.

Use one of Nef’s own Void Offerings to draw the Bursa out for collection. They will not take an Offering from a Tenno, instead stun them and force the transaction by hacking into their mobile banking systems. Timing is everything, the Bursa must be destroyed during the critical ‘verifying’ stage. Botch the timing and you will lose your Offering. Do this correctly and you will walk away with your Offering and a healthy chunk of Nef Anyo’s credits too.

Bursas have been deployed in Corpus-occupied regions of Pluto, Neptune and Europa, with reports of sporadic appearances in Jupiter, Mars and Venus.

– The Lotus


Preparing For The Mission:

  • Craft a Void Offering available from the Market (Humble for 1k Credits, Faithful for 10k Credits, and Passionate for 100k Credits)
  • Equip the Void Offering in your gear
  • When entering any Corpus mission with level 15+ Corpus, each Void Offering will increase Bursa spawn chance by 50, 75, 90, or 100% (100% means all players have a Void Offering equipped)

In The Mission:

  • Locate a Bursa Moa and disable it
  • While it is disabled, get to the rear panel of the Bursa Moa and hack it
  • It will begin the Account Transfer phase where you must wait while it completes. The Bursa Moa may reactivate and attack you, but you must allow the Account Transfer to complete before reengaging it
  • Once the Account Transfer is complete, the Verifying Funds phase will begin and you must defeat the Bursa Moa
  • Kill the Moa before the stage is complete to get all your credits and some bonus if you are successful
  • If the funds are verified with the Moa unharmed, all your credits will be lost


  • 100 points gets you the Event badge
  • 1,000 points gets you Impact damage event mods
  • 1,500 points gets you the Quanta Vandal

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