Hearthstone – Blackrock Mountain: Blackwing Lair Wing Open!

The fourth wing of the Blackrock Mountain has been released, you will venture into Lord Victor’s Fortress Stronghold where his creatures lay ultimately leading you up to Lord Victor himself.

There are 4 major bosses you will encounter on this wing, Razorgore, Vaelastraz, Chromaggus and Lord Victor Nefarius.



Watching eggs is a full-time responsibility. It doesn’t leave poor Razorgore much time to do important things like get a degree, socialize, or do fun, destructive dragon stuff. This unfortunate situation has only worsened his historically poor temperament. Razorgore’s glad you’re stopping by to help him work off some stress! If you can successfully make an omlelette out of  Razorgore’s eggs, two copies of the Warrior card Revenge will be yours!



We’ve touched upon the fact that Victor Nefarius is a bad dude, and here’s the proof. Vaelastrasz was once one of the good guys – a happy-go-lucky red dragon. Victor Nefarius used dark magic to corrupt him, forcing the ferocious red dragon to serve the Lord of Blackwing Lair against his will. End Vaelastrasz’ torment and two copies of the Mage minionFlamewaker will be added to your collection.



What’s worse than a horrible mutant dragon monstrosity that uses magic? A horrible mutant dragon monstrosity that usesfive types of magic, obviously! Chromaggus unleashes abilities ripped from the flesh of all five dragon flights. Don’t ask how he got those powers. Viscera are involved. Hey, we told you not to ask! You’ll have to battle the chromatic horror before you can take on Lord Victor Nefarius. Put Chromaggus down and you’ll gain access to a pair of Hungry Dragon cards.


Lord Victor Nefarius

Victor Nefarius is super impressed that you made it this far, even if it really wasn’t part of his plan. All the same, he’s going to end you now. It’s nothing personal; he just thinks you’re an insolent, uppity, mortal interloper. Don’t let appearances deceive you — there’s more to the Lord of the Blackwing Lair than meets the eye.

Defeating Lord Victor Nefarius will reward you two Fireguard Destroyer for the shaman class.

After you have defeated all four of these major bosses, you will be rewarded the Chromaggus card.asda95ddzzz

If the challenge wasn’t enough, there are also two additional class challenges avaliable for Warlocks and Rogues. Just like the previous Hearthstone Adventure, there will be a Heroic Mode after you have defeated the normal mode where the difficulty is amplified. Warlocks can obtain 2 Demonwrath Spells Cards while Rogues can obtain 2 Dark Iron Skulker minions.



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