Maplestory v. 161 Black Heaven – Final Chapter

This April update brings Black Heaven to a close along with some events.

Black Heaven Final Chapter

  • Act 5 will have puzzles involving platforms and mazes
  • Act 6 will have the final showdown against Lotus and destroy the Black Heaven
  • After completing all Acts, the story will be repeatable once per week with no extra rewards.
Maple World Savior Medal Orchid Support Mount (30 Days) athena Support Mount (30 Days)

Boss: Lotus


  • 1 attempt per day, and no entries if you defeat him that week.
  • After completing all acts of Black Heaven, players level 190 and higher will be able to face him on Hard Mode.
  • Boss battle has 3 phases.

Absolab Set 

  • Level 160 Set available from Three Hands who runs the Absolute Lab Shop (she is in the Hard Mode Lotus lobby). Each job type has its own set. Equipment is tradeable until equpped.
Set Effects
2 Items +30 All Stat
3 Items ATT +30 and PDR +10%
4 Items +20% HP/MP & +200 Weapon/Magic DEF
5 Items ATT +40 and Boss ATT +30%
6 Items ATT +50 and PDR +10%
Equipment Stats
Hat Main and Secondary Stat +45, ATT +3, PDR +10%, 11 Upgrade Slots
Overall Main and Secondary Stat +65, ATT +5, 12 Upgrade Slots
Cape All Stats +15, ATT +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +250, 7 Upgrade Slots
Shoes Main and Secondary Stat +20, ATT +5, 7 Upgrade Slots
Gloves Main and Secondary Stat +20, ATT +5, 7 Upgrade Slots
Weapon Main and Secondary Stat +60, Boss ATT +30%, PDR +10%, 8 Upgrade Slots

AbsoLab Coin Event (April 22 – May 13)

  • Accept the Coin Press and Fragment quests in the event notifier to begin. Quest can be completed once per day.
  • Defeat the Black Heaven Core to get an AbsoLab Fragment
  • Collect 6 AbsoLab Fragments to complete the Coin Press and make a completed AbsoLab Coin
  • Use the Coins to buy AbsoLab Equipment (except hat and suit) from Three Hands
  • You will be able to get AbsoLab Coins regularly this summer

Golden Dream Pig Event (April 22 – May 5)

  • Golden Dream Pigs will spawn every hour in various areas and will drop Golden Dream Boxes when defeated. However, the box will only drop if you defeat them in an area around your area level.
  • Golden Dream Box Drops:
    • Advanced Equipment Enhancement Scroll
    • Special Potential Scroll
    • Golden Dream Pig Belt: +2 All Stat, +250 Max HP/MP, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 Upgrade Slots
    • Scrolls for the Golden Dream Pig Belt
    • Melting Cheese

Earth Day Attendance Event (April 22 – May 6)

Day 1 20 Power Elixirs
Day 3 2x EXP Coupon
Day 5 100 Spell Traces
Day 7 Special Medal of Honor
Day 9 Gold Potential Stamp
Day 11 Special Potential Scroll 60%
Day 13 Earth Day Damage Skin

Day 14 Maple World Chair

White Heaven Event (April 22 – May 19)

  • Accept the quest from the event notifier and talk to Kayla the Fairy
  • Rewards:
    • White Heaven Chair                                                                                               
    • 1 of 6 Rings with +6 All Stat, +50 Max HP/MP, +1 ATT, and +100 Weapon/Magic DEF
    • 1 of 6 damage skins

More events are confirmed for April 30th, so be ready!


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