Path of Exile: Awakening – Socket Jewels

Awakening brings a new mechanic that even farther enhances the power of your exile.

Awakening brings a new type of Item that affects with your skill tree. These Jewels add specific affixes and suffixes bonus and stats to surrounding nodes in your skill tree.


 Brutal Crimson

Jewel of  the Soldier

MAgic Jewel

  • 14% Increased Physical Damage with Maces
  • 4% Increased Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons




 Refined Heirloom

Cobalt Jewel

Rare Jewel

  • 2% Increased Maximum Life
  • 15% Increased Maximum Mana
  • 3% Increased Rarity of Items Found
  • +2 Energy Shield Gained For Each Enemy Hit By Your Attacks



Army of Bones

Cobalt jewel


  • +2 Maximum Number of Skeletons
  • 20% Increased Skeleton Duration

“Death need not be a permanent Ailment.”

– Kadavrus, Surgeon to the Umbra




Fluid Motion

Viridian Jewel

UNIQUE – large Radius

  • Strength from passives turn into dexterity

Even the strongest of steel can be made to bend.




Dark Thoughts

Cobalt Jewel

UNIQUE – Large Radius

  • 70+ Intelligence = Additional Curse on Enemy

Close Your Eyes, Halt your Breath, Accept your fate.




Intuitive Leap

Viridian Jewel

UNIQUE – Medium Radius

  • Nodes ALLOCATED do not need to be connected

The Carpenter who picks up a blade is not mad. He’s ambitiouss.



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