Starcraft 2 : Legacy of the Void – Balance Update & Patch [ April 15, 2015 ]

Today, there was a new Legacy of the Void Patch to fix general issues along with a Balance Update that tweak the units.

Patch Update. (2.5.1)

  • Swapping players after using the “Take Command” feature should no longer result in a Victory/Defeat screen.
  • Canceling a Custom Game search shortly after its initiation should no longer cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • The cooldown for Corrosive Bile now correctly counts down while a Ravager is burrowed.
  • Siege Tanks can now fit between the top of the ramp and a Barracks on Coda LE and Cactus Valley LE.
  • Fixed a base location on Cactus Valley LE that did not allow for optimal base placement.
  • Fixed an issue on Coda LE that caused a worker to sometimes not mine at the beginning of a match.
  • Cloaked units will properly display a shimmer effect on Low graphic settings.
  • Move speed tooltips for units that are at speeds other than ‘Normal’ are now displayed correctly.
  • The Corruptor’s Caustic Spray will now properly go on cooldown if spell is interrupted due to the building moving out of range.
  • You should no longer receive an error message when switching languages.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game character names were not being displayed properly.

Balance Update.


  • Adept
    • Health changed from 80/60 -> 90/90.
    • Upgrade changed to a health upgrade instead of providing bounce damage.
    • Upgrade = + 50 shields to Adepts.
    • Adept can cancel the shade ability at any time. When you cancel, the shade disappears and you don’t teleport.
    • Damage point reduced from 0.4 to 0.167
  • Immortal
    • Immortal barrier ability now absorbs 100 -> 200
  • Tempest
    • Disintegration ability damage increased to 550
    • Units under the effect of Disintegration can’t regenerate, heal, or repair health.


  • Cyclone
    • Lock-on range down from 15 to 12.
    • Range upgrade now increases lock-on range up to 15.


  • Lurker

    • Starts off with 9 range.

    • Range upgrade has been removed.

    • Attack is more responsive right after it finishes burrowing.


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