Warframe – Update 16.3

Warframe Update 16.3 features two new weapon additions, new market package and an expansion on the Spy Game mode.



Our scouts have returned from investigating Corpus and Grineer ships. They have discovered key details on new systemic overhauls to their data storage facilities.

Reports filed from our surviving agents show many of the classified vaults we have infiltrated have been relocated or given an extensive retrofit. Many have been upgraded to more advanced security systems. These new vaults were designed to counter forced entry. Increased patrols and movement-sensitive alarms will make infiltration difficult.

Use caution when accessing these secure data vaults. We must show our enemies there is no obscurity the Tenno cannot uncover.



The expansion on the Spy Game mode has introduces 3 new Spy Vaults to both Corpus and Grineer Spy Missions which feature a much larger and diverse room design along with new puzzles.


Each vault with have an altered portion of it from another vault making the vault a much more diverse puzzle resulting in different solution from the last.

9g9lqUf - ImgurNew Helmet variations have been added to Limbo and Mirage. There is now a Magrite Helmet for Limbo and a Trivelin Helmet for Mirage.

59as5dzzxczx3 New Augments are included in this Update.

Warframe Augment Description
Ember World on Fire – Firequake Enemies hit have a chance of being knocked down.
Mirage Slight of Hand – Explosive Legerdemain Pickups are turned into proximity mines that deal damage with proc chance.
Trinity Energy Vampire – Vampire Leech Excess energy replenishes shields.

All minor changes and fixes in Update 16.3 can be found here.


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