Warframe – Devstream #49

Devstream 49 gives us a look at what’ been completed for past announced plans!

Full Devstream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG6SnSQwH9A

People Present

  • Community Coordinator Megan
  • Animation Director Geoff
  • Design Director Scott
  • Studio Manager Sheldon
  • Level Designer Joe

Big Announcements and Plans

  • More pictures of the new underwater lab tileset (10:37 – 11:57)
    • Preview in 16.5 with new event
  • Possible Nightmare Mode for Trials
  • Parkour 2.0 preview (24:15 – 26:10)
    • Being able to brake on ziplines and then pick a direction to jump to from the zipline
    • Quick jump and charge jump implementation for different distances
    • Same thing applies for walls
    • Revisions and new additions for tilesets utilizing Parkour 2.0
  • Charge Attack preview (27:13 – 28:11)
    • Working into combo flow, and may end up breaking current combos that have holds on them.
  • Completed Riot Moa (29:18 – 30:24)
    • Riot Moa is hackable when in its defensive stance
  • PvP Section (31:11 – 45:28)
    • Working on matchmaking and allowing for private lobbies with friends!
    • Still patching bugs and working with new weapons to add
    • Giving more personality to weapons by adding more mods to make them unique
      • Elemental mods being added, but balance may be off for a while
    • Balancing melee weapons and specifically looking at combos
    • Any new weapons or Warframes will be balanced before being released
    • 16.5: New game modes include Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
    • 3 more maps, with 1 using the Underwater Lab tileset that will be released at the same time
    • Capture Cephalon map will be looked at for the new maps
    • Cephalon Carrier debuffs being looked at, but new ones will not be added
    • PvP additions and changes have not been looked at for implementation in PvE game modes, but bugs and glitches concerning weapons and Warframes are considered for both game modes
    • Possible Archwing PvP has been looked at, but nothing developed or planned
  • New emotes only available from Teshin (47:02 – 48:16)
  • Future of the Void
    • Star Chart is being looked at again, with new players being kept in mind to let them know which direction to be taken after completing Vor’s Prize
    • Similar to the Star Chart, the Void is being looked at to be reworked
    • Void is not being taken out, but reworked to the point that it will essentially be completely new
    • Reward system will be looked at while the tileset will be having additions to it
    • Possible addition of “Resource Searching” will simply searching a certain resource (for example: Orokin Cells) will have only planets with that resource appear for the player

Q and A

Question Answer
With recent changes to Excalibur, will we see more awareness changes for other Warframes? Potentially if it makes sense. Line of sight abilities such as Radial Javelin still needs some work, but changes will be added to other Warframes once it is perfected.
Any update on Kubrow cosmetics and armor? Still working on how to make the different shapes and sizes of the Kubrow work with the cosmetics (similar to making armor work with different Warframes).
Update on swimming underwater and water tileset? Coming in Update 17 definitely. It’s going very well atm so it should be able to come in sooner if anything. Water tileset should also be able to come out during that time.
Design philosophy for making every Warframe viable for endgame? (Ex: Ember is only good at early game, but falls off endgame. Meanwhile Frost is good no matter what. Is that intended?). Having Warframes useful at high level is something desirable, but for Warframes built around dealing damage they would have to be changed to have more utility or CC as well. If a Warframe is changed, they would have to look at how it would throw off the balance and make sure they nerf it before it even gets out. For example: Nova’s Wormhole or Loki’s Decoy + Switch Teleport in the Law of Retribution Trial completely broke the trial, but the exploit was allowed since it was part of the Warframe (but it will be looked at).
Any plans on making the raid playable for solo players? No. It is designed for team play. 4 players at least will be for all Trials.
How does Void Trader rotation work? Something new every week instead of full new inventory. The purpose was not to force players to grind the Void for ducats. Now there is something always new while also having repeats to make sure that not only people who missed that item can now get it, but now they can also get new things.
New rewards from Teshin and Cephalon Simaris? Unique PvP emotes from Teshin (not locked to the conclave, but can only be earned from conclave). Unknown about Simaris. Possible “brodude” Syndicate emotes where a generic emote can be initiated and players of the same Syndicate can come up and do the same emote to complete it.
New PVR flush on Excalibur and Chroma looks gorgeous. Will every Warframe have custom skin textures once PVR hits them? Yes, gradually every Warframe will.
New Grineer Manic is awesome! When can we expect Juggernaut and Riot Moa? Release is getting close, but no exact date yet.
Melee attack from braking? (Chat question) That hasn’t been looked at yet, but now they will have to think about how melee only players are going to strike.
Melee Charge news? Charge attacks are still in development.
Parkour 2.0 developments since Tenno Live? Polishing on current movements while also looking at movement speed of Warframes and how it’ll affect parkour. Directional movement will be more controllable and braking on walls will now be possible. Stamina revisions planned. Still no estimated release date.
Anymore weapon augment mods in development? As more players get higher up in the Syndicate, more weapon augments will be released. These augments will still be focused on older weapons that have been forgotten or are not performing as well as they should be.

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