Warframe Open Beta 2nd Anniversary

The 2nd Anniversary includes exclusive gear that will be available until April 1st!

Items from the 1st Anniversary have become available again, but now with added gear! Comes equipped with an Orokin Catalyst and its own slot.

Dex Dakra a dual version of the Dakra sword weapon.

  • 65 Damage: 7 Impact, 7 Puncture, and 51 Slash (Dakra Prime had 6, 6, 48)
  • 10% Crit Chance (5 less than Dakra Prime)
  • 2x Crit Multiplier (0.5 more than Dakra Prime)
  • 0.8833 Attack Speed (Dakra Prime had 1.0 Attack Speed)
  • 20% Status Chance (10% more than Dakra Prime)
  • 1 Dash Polarity (Dakra Prime had a V and Dash)
  • Counted as a Dual Sword weapon, so no Crimson Dervish means less DPS in the end.

Available Skins

  • Proto Excalibur
  • Proto Glaive

Returning Weapons

  • Dex Furis

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