Maplestory GMS v.160 – Black Heaven : Chapter 2


Two weeks after the release of the Black Heaven Saga : Chapter 1. Chapter 2 of GMS’ Black Heaven will be released on March 25, where Act 3 of the Black Heaven saga will be available to the players.

Act 3 features a variety of gameplay elements, including rescuing wounded soldiers, defeating fierce monsters, and a new type of combat: Side-scrolling aerial battles! Can you take down the Black Wings’ ships in time to save the day?

Armed with the blueprints of the gigantic ship, Black Heaven, the Maple Alliance plans to launch an attack with their own airship, Lumiere! However, the Black Wings strike first, damaging the Lumiere.

Fend off enemy androids and missiles to rescue wounded soldiers. Then take to the skies to shoot down enemy ships before going head-to-head with Black Heaven. The Maple Alliance’s counterattack begins!


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