Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare – DLC Pack 2 : Ascendance


Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare – Ascendance DLC has been officially announced to launch on March 31 on Xbox Live platforms. Every other gaming platform will receive the DLC a month later.

Ascendance DLC will add 4 new multiplayer maps : Site 244, Climate , Perplex and Chop Shop.


The OHM and OHM Werewolf custom variant are now avaliable to Xbox players who own the Ascendance DLC.


The Ascendance DLC will also introduce the Chapter Two of the Exo Zombie story line in the map, Burgertown.


It will include new enemies such as the giant Goliath Exo Zombies, Acid Drippers, and more. To counteract the new zombies, there will be all new traps and the addition of the Magnetron Microwave Gun. Another new mode called Civilian Extraction Mode will also be added, where you will escape the horde of zombies.


Speaking of Exo, there will be an additional playlist called Exo Grapple which will grant players the access to the Exo Grapple ability which will be only avaliable in Exo Grapple Playlist. The Exo Grapple will assist the player in this game mode by allowing them to quickly travel using Grapple along with it being a secondary weapon.



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