Maplestory v.160 Black Heaven – First Chapter

Get ready for the first chapter of the Black Heaven saga!

Learn more about Orchid and Lotus, and join the Resistance to help the Maple Alliance in their battle against the Black Wings. Select from the Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic classes, which will be updated with new looks and new skills. And don’t forget to celebrate the new season with Easter and spring events. All of this and more is coming your way with Black Heaven: First Chapter!

Black Heaven : First Chapter is the first chapter in the story continuous of the struggle between the Maple Alliance and Blackwings, which is now focus on the unknown story of Orchid and Lotus. Along with the new story, the resistance classes have been revamped in looks and skills.

The Battle Mage will be receiving a revamp that make it’s skills reflect the idea of using Black Magic. Wild Hunters will be able to use turrets while riding their Jaguar and Jaguar will be able to use skills on it owns that is customization.

As for Mechanic, they have been simplified that have reduces them down to only have two-Humanoid modes and one Tank Mode.

Events in Black Heaven : First Chapter will be reflected to the spring season.

Collect Easter Eggs to earn a daily Moon Bunny costume, or help the Mad Bunny and be rewarded with items such as chairs, potions and more! Complete daily quests in the Rainbow Event to collect seven different crayons and earn Rainbow equips. Last but not least, Maple Leaf High will be making a comeback!


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