Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires – Release DLC

Here’s a list of the DLC that has been released alongside the game on Steam. Going to the DLC page on Steam for each pack includes preview for every costume included.

Important Note:

DLC that had appeared in the previous DW game (DW8:XL on Steam) can be reused in this title without having to be rebought. For example: the Wallpaper DLC can be used in DW8:E if you had bought it in DW8:XL.

Extra Edit Parts:

  •  Includes extra edit parts for created characters and unlocks the Accessory options in Edit Mode.
    • 36 male and 36 female hairstyles.
    • 8 mustaches and 8 beards.
    • 11 male and 13 female Accessory 1 options.
    • 23 male and 28 female Accessory 2 options.

Special Costumes:

  • Pack 1 includes costumes for Zhao Yun and Sunshang Xiang from Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 and Japanese pre-order costumes for Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao, Xingcai, and Guan Yinping. Costs $4.99.
  • Pack 2 includes collaboration costumes for Guan Yinping, Bao Sanniang, Sun Shangxiang, Diao Chan, Xingcai, Zhao Yun, Wang Yuanji, Xu Shu, Lu Lingqi, and Xiaoqiao. Costs $7.99.

Old Costumes:

  • Old Costume Packs 1 – 4 contains original Dynasty Warriors 3 – 6 costumes for the characters who appeared in those titles. Each pack costs $2.99.

DW7 Original Costumes:

  • Pack 1 includes original Fantasy based costumes for Cai Wenji, Jia Xu, Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, Deng Ai, Wang Yuanji, Zhong Hui, Zhuge Dan, Xiahou Ba, Guo Huai, Ding Feng, Liu Shan, Lianshi, Ma Dai, Guan Suo, Bao Sanniang, Pang De, Wang Yi, and Guo Jia. Costs $4.99.
  • Pack 2 includes modern day school costumes for all characters who appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7. Costs $17.99.
  • Pack 3 includes costumes based on legends and fairy tales for all characters who appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7. Costs $17.99.

DW8 Original Costumes:

  •  A single pack that includes modern day job based costumes for all characters who appeared in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. Costs $21.99.

DW8 BGM Pack:

Wallpaper Pack:

  •  A single pack that costs $12.99 that includes the following:
    • 5 wallpapers for the females of each kingdom.
    • 5 wallpapers for memorable scenes.
    • 77 wallpapers for original artwork for each character who appeared in Dynasty Warriors 8.
  • Each wallpaper can be set to the loading screen as a background. Every wallpaper can be seen in the Gallery menu.

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