Warframe – Tactical Alert : Phoenix Interception

Phoenix Interception Tactical Alert is one of those Tactical Alert requiring the usage of only one weapon.

For Phoenix Interception, you need to be using a Heavy Blade melee weapon that includes:

  • Scindo
  • Scindo Prime
  • Gram
  • Galatine

Phoenix Interception is an Interception Grineer Mission where the Grineer are in the range of 25-30. Upon complementing the first time, you will be rewarded the Tempo Royal Stance for Heavy Blades. Second time, will reward you a Stratos Emblem but requires a 500 conclave.

Upon completing the normal Phoenix Interception, you will be given the chance of do Phoenix Interception (Escalation) which is Level 100-150 range requiring a conclave of below 400. Completing this mission gives a Rift Sigil.


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