Warframe Update 15.16

Warframe Update 15.16 features New Cosmetics, Tactical Alert, Ability Augments and many more.

Tenno Reinforcements

  • Gemini Nikana Sheathes: Cosmetic skins for the sheathes of both Nikanas. Available for 50 plat in a bundle together. Gemini Nikana Sheathe is blue and flows as energy. Gemini Dragon Nikana Sheathe is red and has a fire design to it.

Phoenix Intercept Tactical Alert

  • Intercept intelligence in Tyl Regor’s labs to get info on Tyl Regor’s genetic experiments involving artificial genomes that can restore broken genetic links in the Grineer DNA sequence.

New Warframe Ability Augments

  • Ash’s Rising Storm: Available from Red Veil and Arbiters of Hexis. Blade Storm’s melee multiplier lasts 100% longer before resetting.
  • Hydroid’s Pilfering Storm: Available from New Loka and Cephalon Suda. Enemies killed by tentacles have 100% change of dropping additional items.
  • Rhino’s Piercing Roar: Available from Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence. Enemies within 25m will suffer from a puncture proc.

Misc Additions

  • Eyes of Blight trophies given out all clans that participated in the event.

Weapon Changes

  • Aklato’s base damage has been increased to 18 (from 12)
  • Sicarus Prime’s magazine size has increased to 21 (from 20)
  • Rakta Ballistica charged bolt damage increased to 300 (from 100)
  • Rakta Ballistica uncharged bolt damage increased to 75 per bolt (from 25 per bolt)
  • Rakta Ballistica is now completely silent

Misc Changes

  • Void Sabotage Missions have lower hacking difficulty
  • Yamako Syandana has improved visuals
  • Warframe can once again be launched using a controller or gamepad
  • Crossfire missions now have unique Lotus lines
  • Corpus and Grineer Spy vaults have been changed. Be sure to explore while in Spy missions.
  • Orokin Ducat has been renamed to simply Ducat.

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