Warframe – Devstream #47

Devstream 47 gives us more insight on 8-Player Raids and PvP additions!

Full Devstream

People Present

  • Studio Manager Sheldon
  • Customer Punishment Officer Glen
  • Creative Director Steve
  • Community Manager Rebecca
  • Design Director Scott

Big Announcements and Plans

  • Void trader up on all platforms (Xbox One, PS4, and PC)
  • Double Credit Weekend
  • TennoLive tickets still available. Will close on Sunday, the 22nd.
  • Update 16 in the works, with a planned release for mid-March.
  • 8 Player Raid huge info explosion!
    • Intentionally designed to be puzzling and require cooperation to get through tilesets.
    • Enemies planned to be level 80. Enemies progressively get harder as players get through the raid.
    • Bosses of the respective faction have a chance to appear.
    • Mastery Rank requirements (minimum of 3 or 4 planned atm)
    • Hardest part isn’t actually the enemies, it’s more so getting a team together to coordinate.
  • Vay Hek’s Symbol Puzzle of Doom!
    • First planned raid!
    • Look at the wall screen to see the correct symbol platform order to step on.
    • Stay on the platform or else it won’t count and the puzzle will reset.
    • Stepping off also means that the player will get zapped and odds are killed.
    • Scorpion grabs, switch teleporting, dying, etc will count as stepping off.
    • Part 2 of the raid is shown in the devstream, but there are a total of 3 parts.
    • Reward is a Cosmetic Enhancer which allows players to attach a positive proc to their cosmetic items. Example: 10 kills for 30 second health regen on your syandana!
    • Cosmetic Procs can be removed or changed with extra Cosmetic Enhancers.
    • Raid’s Beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCvj8IbtNCw&t=41m9s
    • Actual Symbol Puzzle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCvj8IbtNCw&t=43m7s
    • Raid Hijack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCvj8IbtNCw&t=52m24s
  • PvP Content continues.
    • Conclave Syndicate Master: Teshin
    • PvP specific mods which are available through both the Conclave Syndicate and End of Match rewards
    • The Flag is actually a Cephalon that the Tenno will have to carry
    • Gear can be ranked up in the Conclave
    • Only available game mode on launch will be Capture the Flag (or rather Capture the Cephalon)
  • Relay Content continues.
    • New Library room for the previously mentioned Librarian Cephalon.
    • Cephalon Simaris, the Librarian, wants to kill creatures of the world and bring them into his Digital Oasis of knowledge.
    • New targets each week that Simaris wants, and the player will have to use traps to slow down and capture the enemies.
    • Community Goals: When the whole Tenno playerbase captures enough of the target, a piece of lore will be unlocked related to that target as well as Syndicate Standing with Simaris.
    • Personal Goals: If community goals are missed, then personal goals will become available to let the player recover that piece of lore and standing.
    • Danger Room: Requires a Simulacrum Access Key to use. Having fully scanned creatures will allow you to summon them in a practice room. However, you cannot spawn friendly NPCs or objects. Certain things such as Bosses cannot be summoned either.
    • Unique Scanner made to help trap and capture creatures.
    • Mastery Rank Tests and Elevators for a 2nd floor on the Relays being added.
  • U16 Region Chat will have community moderators as well as DE moderators to look over chat and kick people if needed. However, DE can track who is abusing their power.
  • Nunchunks are in the works as well as more weapons for each “newer” weapon type (like more sword and boards).
  • Fired Up mod getting reworked to make it easier to understand (contrary to popular belief, Deth Machine Rifle is not a good candidate for the mod).
  • Dragon Frame will be shown at TennoLive!

Q and A

  • Mag’s crush sucks!
    • Animation has 3 beats to it, but the effects don’t match or sync up with the beats. Will be fixed.
    • Another thing is that the enemies will now be ragdolled to prevent the vulnerable Mag from being attacked right away.
    • 3 beats with 3 effects planned, so enemies that walk in mid-animation will still be affected.
  • Corpus Riot Moa?
    • Idle, Walking, and Riot Mode animations showed off.
    • Will be released alongside the Manic Grineer in Update 16.
  • Can we make our own versions of maps for PvP (Forge Mode)?
    • Sadly no, but we will have custom versions of existing tilesets.
  • Time to kill in PvP?
    • Somewhere between Call of Duty fast, and Halo slow.
    • Extra: Blocking works properly in PvP!
  • What mission type is getting the rework treatment next?
    • At the moment, the priorities are the raids, relay additions, and PvP additions.
    • Extra: Sub bosses for Extermination missions being planned (DE Daniel), and new quests are in the works (DE Hazel).
    • Mechanics in Excavation missions being looked at.
    • More spy rooms being added.
  • Will more missions get multi-loot implementation like Spy 2.0?
    • Yes.
  • How likely is it that energy weapons (Supra, Flux Rifle, etc) will be switch to their own ammo type?
    • It isn’t super high priority, but it is on the list of things to do.

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