Warframe – Void Trader (February 6 – February 9)

Baro has appeared at Larunda Relay on Mercury.

This relay will be available from Feb.6 to Feb.9.

Primed Reach – Mod Maximum +165% Melee Range 300Ducats+ 220,000 Credits
Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation – Mod Unknown conversion rate at the moment 400Ducats+ 140,000 Credits
Prisma Veritux – Weapon
  • Has a D Polarity
  • Faster Attack Speed (1 vs. 0.833)
  • Higher Crit Chance (15% vs. 5%)
  • Higher Crit Multiplier (2x vs. 1.5x)
  • Higher Status Chance (20% vs. 10%)
550Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Prisma Sigil – Sigil
50Ducats+ 50,000 Credits

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