Warframe – Update 15.13

Warframe Update 15.13 reveals 1 new weapon, 2 cosmetics, and some major changes along with a few improvements and general changes.

Tenno Reinforcements

  • Akjagara: Dual pistols that require Akbolto and Dual Skana to build.
    • 60 Damage (9 Impact / 9 Slash / 42 Puncture)
    • 5% Crit Chance with 2x Crit Multiplier
    • 20% Status Chancce
    • 8.3 Firing Rate
    • 24 Magazine Size
    • 2.3 second Reload Time
  • Uru Sugatra
    • Weapon Sugatra & Syndana

New Stolen Dreams Quest as well as Spy 2.0 missions that have replaced old Spy missions on all nodes.

Changes and Additions

  • Councilor Vay Hek no longer needs keys and beacons to be accessed. He is just a boss on Earth now, but can only be fought by players who have reached Mastery Rank 5.
  • Syndicate Leaders and Medallion representatives now have idle animations.
  • New Cache locations in the Void.
  • Starting February 15th, Void Key Rewards will be added to the Alert System.
  • Syndicate allies will now assist you in Syndicate missions.
  • Syndicate hostages are now a part of Syndicate rescue missions.
  • Waypoints added for Syndicate Medallions as well as Oberon and Stalker blueprints.
  • Codex 2.0 Contest winners now have their art added to the Codex.

General Improvements

  • Lip Sync Improvements for transmissions.
  • Dynamic Exposure to make better lighting effects.
  • Ambient Occlusion to make more realistic shadows.
  • Particle System 2.0 for non-Nvidia cards so everyone can have awesome game effects.
  • Reverb 2.0 for better echo effects in hallways.
  • Overall PBR updates.

Stealth Finisher and Affinity

  • Stealth Streaks have now been added to receive Affinity multipliers for consecutive stealth kills (wears off after 30 seconds without a kill). Melee has a cap at 5x and Ranged weapons have a cap at 2x.
  • Finisher damage will now increase based on weapon rank and enemy’s level. Finisher damage for stealth kills capped at 8x with a maxed weapon.
  • UI will give keep track of your Stealth Streak (located where the Buff Timers are).

Rebalanced Nodes

  • Bode (Ceres) / Limtoc and Todd (Phobos) / Trinculo (Uranus) / Valefor, Zagan, Gamygyn and Morax (Europa) / Viver (Eris) / Undine (Sedna)
  • Defense, Mobile Defense, Survival, Exterminate, and Rescue missions have been rebalanced to reflect enemy levels and make sure there are enough enemies present.

Survival Update

  • In the past, enemies spawned in groups or waves which meant there would be brief periods where they just wouldn’t show up or the player would literally have to stand around and wait for enemies to even spawn. Now enemies spawn individual rather than having waves or groups of enemies spawning at once. This means enemies will appear more consistently. Drop rate of life support pods from enemies has been increased to compensate for this change.

Star Chart Node Changes

  • Keeler (Saturn) has been changed from Survival to Grineer Asteroid Mobile Defense.
  • Cassini (Saturn) has been changed from Grineer Galleon to Grineer Asteroid.
  • Flimnap (Phobos) has been changed from Deception to Grineer Asteroid Survival
  • Zagan (Europa) has been changed from Exterminate to Corpus Ship Survival
  • Despina (Neptune) has been changed from Defense to Corpus Ship Survival
  • Nuovo (Ceres) has been changed from Grineer Galleon to Grineer Shipyard

Tenno Shields

  • Visual and audio cues added to know when your Warframe is getting damaged. Audio changes depending on whether your shields or your health is getting damage (with a shield breaking sound being added).

Sound Adjustments

  • Improved audio for bullet impact.
  • Improved audio for the Grakata.
  • Sliding will now change its sound effect depending on the surface the player is on.

Enemy Accuracy Adjustments

  • Enemies’ accuracy now depends on what type of enemy they are and what weapon they are using.

Warframe Changes

  • Saryn’s Molt will now transfer enemies that stick to Warframes (such as Infested Maggots) instead of destroying them.
  • Oberon’s Hollowed Ground will no longer create a 2nd AoE effect on a 2nd cast with Hallowed Eruption equipped.
  • Frost’s Snow Globe will now combine with multiple Snow Globes. This means casting a Snow Globe while already inside a Snow Globe will restore the previous Snow Globe and increase its health.
  • Frost Prime’s Ice Wave and Mag Prime’s Crush have added Prime effects.
  • Excalibur’s Furious Javelin has increased bonus damage.
  • Volt’s Shock has improved audio and visual effects.
  • The following Augment Mods have had their duration increased from 24 to 40 seconds and their damage reduced from 125% to 100%.
    • Ember’s Fireball Frenzy
    • Frost’s Freeze Force
    • Oberon’s Smite Infusion
    • Saryn’s Venom Dose
    • Volt’s Shock Trooper
  • Nova’s Neutron Star has a max range of 8 meters and a slight camera shake effect.
  • Frost’s Avalanche has minor visual and audio changes.
  • Ember’s Fire Blast no longer has initial cast damage and now has automatic Heat proc on the shockwave as it expands.
  • Loki’s Invisibility no longer has a white flash upon casting.
  • Syndicate Medallions have increased value of 500, 1000, and 5000.

Archwing Changes

  • Itzal’s Support Drones will now change color along with the archwing.
  • Bounce effect when crashing into objects reduced to prevent pinballing.

Syndicate Changes

  • Daily Quests have changed Affinity rewards to make it easier to gain Standing. They also give double the Standing they used to.
  • Daily Standing caps for non-Syndicate missions have been halved.

Rakta Ballistica Changes

  • Crit Chance has been buffed from 15% to 20% (charged).
  • Damage (charged) changed to 5 Slash / 5 Impact / 90 Puncture

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