Warframe – Devstream #46

Devstream #46 unveils a new Warframe and PvP system.

Full Devstream


People Present

  • Studio Manager Sheldon
  • Animation Director Geoff
  • Creative Director Steve
  • Community Manager Rebecca
  • Design Director Scott

Big Announcements and Plans

  • Dragon themed Warframe! Energy color determines element of abilities.
  • 8 player raids matchmaking explained. Host with 7 clients is planned at the moment with potential public raids with randoms. Invite system still applies. Unique reward system.
  • Player created enemies being worked on, with the Grineer Manik (melee unit) being shown.
  • Relays being given more visual variety as well as new areas. A Conclave Master in charge of PvP progression and a Cephalon that desires certain enemies within the game to be scanned.
  • New Codex scanner (sort of like a capture) to be used on the new enemies (that require strategy to capture) to trade in to the new Cephalon for unique gear. New Cephalon also has its own Standing that does not affect other Syndicates (subject to change).
  • Mastery Rank tests in their own room so they can be replayed (work in progress).
  • New PvP balances with only starter equipment and no mods at the moment. PvP team working to make other equipment available (All versions of the Braton and Lato have been completed). Custom loadouts with balanced mods for PvP. No release date yet.
  • Capture the Flag PvP 4 player and planned Interception PvP. Showcased 40:00 to 52:00.
  • Select Mode button in the Arsenal Screen to change loadout of PvE, PvP, and Archwings.
  • Darvo’s actual market going to open in the relays in U16.
  • New stances in the works for many weapon types.

Q and A

  • Will players with more color packs have an edge using the Dragon Warframe?
    • No. Abilities are determined by the main color spectrum and not every single color in the game.
  • Any news on underwater archwings?
    • Level design team starting to work with tileset to complement underwater movement.
  • What specific thing about the new J3-Golem fight will make players fight him frequently?
    • Team is focusing on getting the boss working and not the rewards yet.
  • Will infested Alad V get moved to his own node similarly to Vay Hek?
    • Maybe, but with the positive reactions it is most likely possible. Plus it would relieve the grindy feel of having to wait for Alad V Coordinates to make the keys.
  • Will raid bosses have more strategy and sort of puzzles with them?
    • Possibly.
  • How will the new Grineer Manik (and other melee units) be able to compete with ranged weapons? How will they be a threat to high level ranged gear?
    • Mobility and evasion play a big part in the Grineer Manik’s animations, as well as some stealth.
  • Will Parkour 2.0 feature climbing and takedowns like AC games?
    • Nothing like that in the works yet, but more mobility is currently the focus and current motions are being revisited.
  • Still getting Orokin Cells in T4 Survival Rotation C?
    • As mentioned in the last Devstream, there will be a guaranteed Rotation system after a rework in order to ensure Fusion Cores and Cells don’t prevent players from getting their prime stuff after 40+ minutes.
  • Biggest part of U16?
    • Raids and new PvP.
  • Cover system?
    • Not gonna happen.

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