Warframe – Stolen Dreams Quest

Tonight introduces a new character and renovated Spy Mission awaiting for you in the Stolen Dreams Quest.

Once the severity of the Grinner capture order was made clear to her, Maroo was more than willing to accept our offer of protective custody. In exchange she will aid us in locating the Arcane Codices.

The Stolen Dreams Quest requires a minimum of Mastery Rank 3 to be available. The Quest will send you on a mission to save a thief named Maroo who claims to have Arcane Codices. Upon completion you will be rewarded with Ether Daggers Blueprint (a weapon that was discontinued and taken out of the market long ago) and an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint.

This quest also acts as the introduction to the new Spy 2.0 missions which now make stealth a major factor in finishing the missions, with bonus affinity and rewards being lost if the player is detected.

INTERCEPTED MESSAGE: Grinner Command Tyi Regor

The rat Maroo takes us for fools. Find her, we mus recover the new Arcane Codex before she sells it to the Corpus. If she no longer has the codes, you my use any extraction techniques necessary to learn their whereabouts. This interrogation can be er punishment, she need not survive.

You are commanded,

Tyl Regor

 First place you will go is Beleth, Europa where you will embark a Capture mission for Maroo.

After obtaining Maroo and her accepting to help you find an Arcane Codex, she will lead you to Unda, Venus where you will embark an Spy 2.0 Mission. Spy 2.0 consists of 3 Vaults which will requires stealth to get into or the Vault will be destroyed, deleting the info/reward.

This time, you’ll be going to Suisei, Mercury to retrieve two of the Arcane Codices from the Grineer.

Upon completion of Suisei, Mercury, you’ll go to Adrastea, Jupiter for the next set of Arcane Codices.

Finally, you will be lead to Skyresh, Phobos where all the Arcane Codices combined can only be read by a machine there. Upon reading the message it will read

All is hushed and silent. Hushed and empty is the womb of the sky.

followed by being attacked by a horde of infested. After fending off the horde, you will be told to extract rewarding you with a blueprint for an Orokin Cataylst and one for the Ether Daggers.


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