Maplestory v.158 : Shining Star Update – Hot Week #3

Shining Star Banner

Seems like GMS is doing another Hot Week consist of the same rules as the first two. This Hot Week will run from January 5th – 11 and consist of more 2X Coupons (RIP Inventory). Upon full completion will allow you to pick another prize from this Hot Week.

Monday, January 5 Use Tab 4 Slot Coupon
Tuesday, January 6 Spell Trace (100)
Wednesday, January 7 Etc Tab 4 Slot Coupon
Thursday, January 8 Set-up Tab 4 Slot Coupon
Friday,  January 9 2X EXP Coupon (10)
Saturday,  January 10 2x Drop Coupon (10)
Sunday,  January 11 Red Carpet Chair


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