Maplestory v.158 : Shining Star Update – Hot Week #2

Shining Star Banner

In addition to GMS v.158 : Shining Star Update‘s first Hot Week, there is also the second week which consists of better rewards. Just like the first week, it also rewards a second item after completing all the days of the Hot Week.

Date Item
Monday, December 29 Safety Charm (10)
Tuesday, December 30 Storage Room 8 Slot Coupon: 7 day duration
Wednesday, December 31 Spell Trace (100)
Thursday, January 1 Equip Tab 4 Slot Coupon
Friday,  January 2 Kin Ring: 7 day duration
Saturday,  January 3 Kin Symbol: 7 day duration
Sunday,  January 4 Couture Critic Chair


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