Warframe Operation Eyes of Blight

Vay Hek is making his move. We have just detected a Balor Fomorian traveling on an interception course with Vesper Relay. The beast moves slowly but if we allow it to get within firing range, it will surely obliterate our new Relay. We need to destroy it before that happens.

Intelligence reports state that the Balor Fomorian’s power core emits a thick energy field composed of deadly omega radiation. In order to break through the field you will need to craft this Fomorian Disruptor. It will allow you to safely approach the core and when activated it will temporarily disrupt the core allowing you to inflict damage.

Take note Tenno, the Disruptor is forged using recently discovered Omega Isotopes. These are a by-product of a Fomorian’s core and will only appear in and around planets with a Fomorian present.

Move quickly Tenno, this is the first Balor Fomorian attack but it won’t be the last. When the others come we must be ready.

– The Lotus

Operation Eyes of Blight is a Arch Wing event where you have to build a Fomorian Disruptor from the Foundry which requires Nano Spores, Cryotic, and Omega Isotopes that is given to the player in a form of a blueprint. After that, you will complete an Fomorian Event where the Disruptor disrupts a shield that allows you to sabotage the Fomorian. Depending on the difficulty of your mission will determine the amount of Battle Point rewarded which will contribute to the your individual rewards.

Battle Points Rewards
5 Battle Points Eyes of Blight Skin Pack (Badge + Rahk Fluctus Skin)
10 BATTLE POINTS Eyes of Blight Mod Pack (Magma Chamber + Searing Steel)
15 BATTLE POINTS Imperator Vandal

This event will last until Monday, January 5th, 2015.


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