Maplestory v.158 : Shining Star Update – Hot TIme Week

GMS v.158 Shining Star Update is going to consist of the first ever GMS Hot Week. There is an incentive to get on everyday even if the rewards are not as great because if you claim every Hot Time item per day, you’ll be able to pick another one from the list.

Date Item
Monday, December 22 Extra Character Slot Coupon: 7 day duration
Tuesday, December 23 Power Elixir (200)
Wednesday, December 24 Pendant of the Spirit: 7 day duration
Thursday, December 25 Hyper Teleport Rock: 7 day duration
Friday, December 26 Spell Trace (100)
Saturday, December 27 2X EXP Coupon (10): 30 minute coupon
Sunday, December 28 Top Rookie Chair

Plus for Star Planet, I probably won’t be covering it because it doesn’t look too appealing except for when you want NX Items without buying NX.


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