Warframe Update 15.7.0 – Nova Prime

Update 15.7.0 has released  the long awaited and re-opened the Prime Access for Nova Prime. 

Harness electromagnetic energy and command control with Nova Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.

Along with her release, there have been the added new Soma and Vasto Prime weapons that are available through the void.

Nova Prime

Blueprint T1 Sabotage
Helmet T4 Sabotage
Systems Orokin Derelict Survival (C)
Chassis T3 Survival (C)

Soma Prime

Blueprint T2 Defense (A)
Barrel T4 Interception (C)
Stock T3 Exterminate
Receiver T2 Survival (C)

Vasto Prime

Blueprint T4 Survival (C)
Barrel T2 Mobile Defense
Receiver T1 Defense (C)


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