Maplestory v.157 : Shining Star Update – Star World Overview & Guide

Shining Star Banner

GMS v.157 – Shining Star Update is the equivalent of kMS v. 1.2.218.

Star World

Star World is a GMS exclusive Event. It’s theme has to do with the 12 Constellations (Cancer, Gemini etc.) This event will last from December 3, 2014 until January 6, 2015. The rewards offered from this event are mainly cosmetic effect such as

To start the Event, you must first accepted the [Star World] Doorway to the Night Sky quest. This will teleport you to the Event Hall where you will have to talk to Star World Gate to access Star World.

Once you have accessed Star World, you will be at Summeron which is one of the 4 main location of the events. There are 3 quests from Summeron which will both unlock a Constellation Chair along with rewarding you 20 Star Coins.

The three quests are Complicated Wish, I’m Not Lion and Perfect Pair.

Complicated Wish requires you to answer 3 Questions which are.

Guess who am I? If you wait too long to use me, you might end up dead! – Power Elixir
Which monsters make you think it might be a hipster? – Ear Plug Plead
What’s orange and tan and dub all over? – Orange Mushroom

Unlocks Cancer Chair.

I’m Not Lion requires you to kill Pray Manthis until you have collected 150 Fresh Meat then you have to go to the next portal and get 50 Flint from the Monster there after doing a pretty easy Jump platform. Unlocks Leo Chair.

Perfect Pair requires you to go and buy 100 Lemons, Oranges, and Apples from any Potion Shop. Unlocks Gemini Chair.


Confession of the Rich and Famous requires you to kill and collect 200 Pricey Minerals. Unlocks Libra Chair.

Higher Ground is a Jump platform. Unlocks Scorpio Chair.

Everlasting Youth requires you to collect 100 Monster’s Vitality and Land Vitality from Undead Lupins. Unlocks Virgo Chair.


Lost Innocence requires you to kill Grphons until you have collected 150 Grass. Then you have to hold on to a peace of grass for 30 minutes. Unlocks Capricorn Chair.

Wetwork requires you to go and buy 200 White Potions and 200 Blue Potions from any Potion Shop. Unlocks Aquarius Chair.

Hidden Talent requires you to capture 30 low health Bow monsters with the Bags given by the NPC. Unlocks Sagittarius Chair.


Minar Monsters requires you to collect 100 Slimy Scales and Sturdy Sticks from Dragon Turtles. Unlocks Aries Chair.

Papa Don’t Charge requires you to defeat Lyka and unlocks the Taurus Chair.

Making Friends requires you to collect 100 Fresh Veggie and Sea Fruits. Unlocks Pisces Chair.

Upon finish the three quests from each location, it will unlock an additional daily repeatable Quest that rewards 7 Star Coins for a total of 28 Coins per day.

The Starlight Coin shop consists of all the 12 Chairs each costing 60 Star Coins each, a Star medal for 100 Star Coins and a Damage Skin for 220 Star coins.

In order to receive all the rewards from this event, you would need a total of 1040 Star Coins. Which would be Full Story Quest line + 29 Days of doing all the Daily Quests. Alternatively you can get the Damage Skin from a Mule (By having it do the Story Line Quest) then transferring it over. This will leave you with having to ~21 Days of doing all the Daily Quests to obtain all the Event items.

During the Repeatable Quests, there are Star World Box that drop from the monsters which have a chance to drop Star Coins but you only have a maximum of 50 Box opens per day.


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