Maplestory v.157 : Shining Star Update : Star Force Enhancement

GMS v.157 – Shining Star Update is the equivalent of kMS v. 1.2.218.

Star Force Enhancement

The Star Force Enhancement System makes it easier for non-funded players the ability to achieve stronger gear. Now instead of requiring scrolls to increase Item star levels, you use mesos instead. You can start enhancing your weapons at Lv.100 which gives you a maximum of 5 stars, then every 10 level interval will increase the maximum amount of stars by 5 to the maximum of Lv.150 – 25 Stars. As for the old scrolls, it will not go pass Star Level 15 and are marked with Blue Stars. Any items consisting of Blue Stars will not be able to use the New Star Force Enhancement System.

Success Rate

For the % of success, it starts 95% for the first star then it will decrease by 5% until the 13th star where every next star will be 30% until the 22th Star where it will be 3% decreasing to 1% where the 25th Star lays.

  • 12 – 21 : 30%
  • 22 : 3%
  • 23 : 2%
  • 24 : 1%

When enhancing other than the result of being successful, there are 3 other possible results. It could result in failure with no consequences (except lost of mesos), the losing of a Star level, or the destruction of the item.

Failure Rate

The % of failure starts at 5% from Star #1 –  5, from then on there are no chances of failure without consequences until every 5 star interval in which the Star Level stop following a linear pattern.

  • 10 : 55%
  • 15 : 68%
  • 20 : 63%

Demotion Rate

The chance of a demotion in Star level starts at the 6th Star level at 30% increasing by 5 until the the 9th Star level which is at 45%. Every 5 interval of Star Level will have a 0% of demotion acting as a safety net so regardless of your luck, you won’t demote if you passed a certain threshold (Star Level 5,10,15,20). The 11th Star Level is 65%.

  • 12-14 : 69%
  • 16-17 : 68%
  • 18 – 19 : 67%
  • 21 : 63%
  • 22 : 78%
  • 23 : 69%
  • 24 : 59%

* The reason why rank 22-24 fluctuate so much is because the rate of success drops to the single digits which allows more room for the rate of demotion and destruction to be increased into the double digit (All the values equal 100%)

Destruction Rate

  • 12 – 14 : 1%
  • 15 – 17 : 2%
  • 18 – 19 : 3%
  • 20 – 21 : 7%
  • 22 : 19%
  • 23 : 29%
  • 24 : 40%

Second Chance

If your equipment gets destroyed when your enhancing it, it will leave behind a soul version of itself which can be used to replace an item with the same name with the destroyed item’s stats.

Additional Features

As an incentive to keep Enhancing, there is a systems which if you fail to enhance a Item twice, your next enhancement will have 100% success rate regardless of its Star Level. Since Maplestory is trying to help the unfunded characters, they implemented a mini game into the Star Force Enhancement System in which you stop a moving star between two borders. Being successful will increase the success rate.

Fallen Stars

Having equipment with stars will contribute to your Star Force which is the amount of total stars you have from your equipment. Certain Star Force is require to fight the new Fallen Star monsters which are stronger and have their items energized. That doesn’t mean you can’t defeat them but your damage with be reduced depending on your Star Force. For example a map requires 50 Star Force, having 0 Star Force would result in 1 damage but if you have 1 Star Force then you’ll do 2% of your true damage, 25 will result in 50% of your true damage and etc.

Formula : [((Your Starforce)/(Require Starforce))*100)] = % of your true damage


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