Warframe Update 15.5 – How to get Mesa

Mesa can be obtained two ways, either by purchasing her through the market or by completing his quest “Patient Zero” which will unlock the Assassinate Alad V Mission where Mesa Component Parts drop. To start Patient Zero, all you need to do is go to your Codex and activate the quest in the quest tab.

Tenno,Alad V’s infested ships are slamming into populated centers all around the system. He’s using these ships like spore pods to spread his Mutalist plague. Everyone is affected. Equally concerning are the new strains of Infested he’s using in this attack.

There are two courses of action. First, we must extinguish each Infestation at its source. I will be issuing Bounties, so that we can cut down as many of these new Infested as possible. Pay attention to your Navigation Console for updates.

Secondly, we need you to deal with the source of the problem. I have sent you the details of a mission to locate Alad V and destroy his lab.

Left unchecked this plague will spread out of control. You must start immediately, there is no time to waste.


Upon starting the Quest, Lotus will send you onto a Corpus Ship in Eris, Acanth to complete a spy mission where you investigate what the Corpus know about Alad V. Upon collecting the second datamass during the Mission, a message from Alad V will prompt up that signals the arrival of the Infested during the mission. Upon completing the Mission, you will discover that Alad V has captured another Warframe and plans to corrupt it.

After that, Lotus sends you on 3 Hive Sabotage Mission within 3 Infested Ships on Eris. The first mission is on Eris, Brugia where somewhere during the mission, Alad V boasts about his infested.

The next mission takes place in Eris, Cyath where Alad V explains his admiration for his infested.

The last ship takes place at Cossi, Eris where Alad V exclaims that his ideal is not profit but rather control.

Upon finish the 3 infested ship sabotages, Lotus has found out where Alad V’s laboratory is. It’s located in Eris, Candiru. This mission is a Sabotrage Mission aboard a Corpus Ship. What’s special about this Mission is that random Nightmare Mode conditions will be set. Upon dewstorying the core reaction, you will meet with Infested Mesa, whom you must defeat. Upon completion of the mission, it will reward you a random Nightmare Mod and the Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Key Blueprint which will allow you to get Mesa Component Part drops.

Time: 1 hr
Credits : 20,00


By destroying Alad V’s ship you have destroyed his ability to make new Infested. Now you need to go after the man himself. He’s on the run and it’s up to you to track him down. Use the attached tracker to find him.

Good Luck Tenno.

– The Lotus


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