Warframe Potential Updates

This is a summary of potentially upcoming features in WARFRAME that were found by searching through game data. Most of the entries are not confirmed and the nature of the upcoming features is purely speculative and only derived from filepaths and names.
Updated with data from U15:

All cosmetics now have crafting recipes. That includes Prime Access cosmetics, weapon skins, Warframe skins and armor.

For some reason he has his own Resource drone, it is listed as ‘VoidTraderResourceDrone’.
It appears he will be using a token system, that right now is temporarily called “PrimeBucks”.

There are many more Sigils already in the files than the ones currently available, some of the more interesting ones are three different tiers of Clan Sigils, Alliance Sigils, Mastery Rank Sigils, Founder Sigils, a Prime Access Sigil and Death Mark Sigils for the G3, Stalker and Zanuka.


There are a bunch of yet unreleased cosmetics in the files: A Kubrow Christmas color pack, a new melee dangle called ‘FireMeleeDangle’ and many more bobbleheads. There are bobbleheads for every single Frame excluding Limbo, more Grineer Lancer variants (Arid, Forest) and lastly bobbleheads for Ruk, Sprag and Ven’kra.

The new infested units have been mentioned and were shown several times in devstreams already but no hint of them could be found in the files until now. With U15 they now seem to be almost fully included. The new infested units are called Diseased Ancient , Puss Ancient (SpawningAncient) Swarm Infested (NaniteCloudBipedAgent) and Slow Infested (SlowBombBipedAgent).
File entries such as ‘InfestedNewAiTestSquadA’ also hint that infested also apparently get an AI rework.

A test mission node called ‘+Infested Alad Assassinate Test’ has appeared
The J-3 Golem is still actively being worked on gaining new entries for abilities and weakpoints. The latest ones being “Infested Heart Weakpoint” and abilities such as “J3MindControlAbility” and “Electric Shield”, “NaniteAbility” and “PoisonAbility”.

Entries for a new quest centered around the infested have also appeared, these might tie in with the introduction of new units or the rework of Alad V and J-3 Golem. The quest has for stages that are called “Once Awake “, “Investigate The Bio Weapon”, “Exterminate An Infestation” and “ Defend The Bomb” in that order.

A craftable Tethra Cipher has appeard that unlocks a test mission node called ‘TestKeyOutpostHijack’. Apparently it will grant access to a Corpus Hijack mission. This might be a way to reintroduce the Tethras Doom mods and the Infested Alad V boss.

New mission types for Archwing are being worked on. Currently there are entries for Defense, Exterminate and Sabotage

There will be an Ice Planet tactical alert. It is a capture mission with 4 reward tiers:
CaptureEasy, CaptureMed, CaptureHard and CaptureBonus.

We know that hubs are coming, but now we also know how expensive it will be to construct a clan hub relay. If the resource costs don’t change it will cost:
Salvage 65000, Ferrite 35000, Nano Spores 120000, Forma 5. 12 hours, 50000 credits, 750 plat to rush.
That is for the biggest clan tier.
Also hubs already have placeable (test) decorations.

9 new items have appeared in the shop, at the moment all called ‘ Xattractor’ 1 through 9, they bear the file name ‘AssassinAttractor’ and are listed under ‘/Restoratives’ like ammo restores or Codex scanners.
There currently are 9 different Assassin type enemies in the game, excluding Corrupted Vor.

A sidescrolling Shoot em’ up minigame
An extensive amount of weapons and upgrades can be found in the files. Examples are “RocketLaser”, “RedSpaceInvaderGun” or “BurstLaser”. Enemies mostly consist of standard units found in the game such as Ospreys or MOAs, but entries such as “HeliosBossTargeterGun” and “KubrowMiniBossSniper” indicate special fights against bosses and minibosses.

The focus system is taking shape. Focus lenses are integrated. There are X different types, these being AttackLens, DefenseLens, PowerLens, TacticLens and WardLens.
These lenses are linked to different abilities:
ArmorIncrease, HealReceiveBuff, InstantMaxEnergy, InstantMaxHealth, InstantMaxShield and InstantMaxStamina for the “Guardian” lens (I’m assuming this is the “DefenseLens”).

AlliesOnFire for the “Tactician” lens
EnergyEfficiency for the “Void” lens (I’m assuming this is the “PowerLens”).

DamageHealsTeam, EnemyArmorReduction, EnemyShieldReduction, HealthIncreaseLink, InstantReviver, RegenWeakerTeammates and ReviveTeamSentinels for the “Ward” lens

KillerFocusSource, MeleeBuffGreatSwords, MeleeBuffHammersAndAxes, MeleeBuffSwords, NpcAimReduction, PlayerThreatIncrease, WeaponAimBonusPistol, WeaponAimBonusRifle and WeaponAimBonusShotgun for the “Warrior” Lens (I’m assuming this is the “AttackLens”.)

The “OBSIDIAN EXCALIBUR” Skin and Helmet are in the files. They are listed under “PSPlusExcalibur”. I’m assuming this means these will only be available to Playstation players, similar to the Obisdian Skana and Lato skins that are already released.

Large 10x team restores are listed as new Syndicate rewards. No crafting recipe is implemented yet.



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