Warframe Update 15 : How to get Limbo

Limbo can be obtained two ways, either by purchasing him at the market or completing his lore quest which requires the completion of the Arc Wing quest which is available already in the quest tab within the Codex.

To start the Quest : The Limbo Theorem, you must purchase it from the marketplace then proceed to craft it.

Time: 6 hr
Blueprint Price: 10,000 Credits

Upon completion of the item, you may now proceed to your Codex and start The Limbo Theorem. Immediately after starting the quest, you will receive a message through your inbox.

So, this ‘Limbo Theorem’ you picked up, it’s suppose to lead to a new Warframe? Well, it’s woefully incomplete!

Half-written proofs, unfinished equations, what idiot wrote this mess??

Okay. Okay. There is one thing here, a constant, a tuning frequency but it’s so minute, the Liset’s antenna would never be able to…

…unless… go to your NAV console, I have an idea.

The inbox message includes a blueprint for the Limbo Theorem Key which requires Proof Fragments, that can be obtained at Mars, Syrtis which is an Arc Wing Interception Mission (22-30).



Time: 1 Minute

Immediately after the manufacturing is complete, Ordis will lead you to Earth, Cambria which is an excavation mission. Through this mission, you can find the Limbo Helmet Blueprint. The Building of this blueprint requires 12 hours.

After this point, the Quest becomes pretty repetitive such as you go back to Mars, Syrtis to achieve more Proof Fragments to craft the next Limbo Theorem Systems Key. Which directs you toward Phobos, Wendell (Excavation) where you can find the Limbo Systems Blueprint which takes another 12 hours.

You repeat the process above one more time for Limbo Theorem Chassis Key which will lead to Europa, Ose (Excavation) for the Limbo Chassis Blueprint.

Upon finishing all the Blueprints, you can now build the new Limbo Warframe. Congratulations!


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