Warframe Syndicate Guide

Syndicates are a new system that consists of 6 distinct groups, each one considers one of the other Syndicates as Allied,Opposed or Enemy.

  • +50% Rep – Allied
  • -50% Rep – Opposed
  • -100% Rep – Enemy

Each Syndicate has 7 ranks depending on your reputation toward each one. Starting from a neutral reputation, you can go either negative or positive depending on your alignment. Negative results in negative rewards while positive results in positive rewards. The rewards and consequences for each Syndicate are simply put into the same section of offers but offers different rewards one way or another.


5Access to Ability Augment Mods

 4Access to Weapon Augment Mods

 3 – Access to a specific Blueprint

 2 – Access to a specific Void Key

 1 – Access to specific Specter

-2 – Hunted by Squad

-2 – Hunted by Platoon

Each Syndicate rewards different rewards from Rank -2 4 while Rank 5 rewards are pulled from a greater pool of Ability Mods which means multiple Syndicate will poses the same Mods. Also each Syndicate has their own unique Sigil designs*. Theoretically, you can max up to 4 Syndicate, If you plan out accordingly. Each Syndicate requires a sacrifice in order to receive their first sigil and for each rank up. The first sacrifice require a small amount of a certain material and 10,000 Credits. Followed up by requiring a more difficult material along with an increase in Credits.

-2 -22,000
-1 -5,000
0 0
1 5,000
2 22,000
3 70,000
4 70,000
5 99,000

* High rank sigil do not reward higher reputation.

 Farming Syndicate Reputation.

To receive reputation towards your selected Syndicate, you must have your Sigil equipped on your Warframe. Depending on how much affinity, you accumulated within a mission is the amount of reputation you will receive towards your Syndicate. When you receive Reputation towards one Syndicate, it deducts from another.

  • It is recommend, you farm in a full player party.
  • Try to keep your Concave rating as low as possible. (Bring along only 1 weapon, no companions.)
  • Only farm in mission that have endless spawn that don’t require much effort to maintain in the game such as; Interception, Defense. Spy or Sabotage. ( Recommend finishing the Spy or Sabotage mission first but no extracting just in case your at risk at failing the mission.)
  • Generally farming for 15 minutes will generate around 1 – 7k reputation depending on where your farming.
  • Recommend the use of an affinity booster to better impact the efficiency.

Recommend Mission to Farm.

  • Pluto – Sechura, Charon
  • Ceres – Semini, Draco
  • Eris – Viver
  • Low Dark Sector Defense ( Leave when your Cryopod takes too much damage )

Currently there is only 6 Syndicates

Steel Meridan 

Led by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter, the Steel Meridian fight a guerilla war against a vast enemy. They are sworn protectors of what little remains of the colonies.

The Grineer are not often seen as valorous individuals, but time and again members of their leadership have displayed a certain code of honor. Members of Steel Meridian set aside their former allegiances to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Arbiters of Hexis

The dogmatic Arbiters seek a truth through discipline and practice. They reject the “Tenno as Warrior” mythology – a lie constructed to limit their potential.

The Arbiters of Hexis exemplify a burning passion to search for the truth of Tenno ability, composed with the knowledge that Tenno are far greater than even their shattered history suggests.

Cephalon Suda

A vast consciousness watching with a curious eye. Seemingly devoid of emotion Suda’s thirst for knowledge and abhorrence of destruction can only be described as passionate.

With such powerful technology rooted in the past the hunt for knowledge guides every force in the Solar System. At a time where information holds so much power Cephalon Suda, a consciousness seemingly devoid of emotion, follows a curious hunger to learn all she can.

The Perrin Sequence

A collective of brilliant and powerful merchants, splintered from the Corpus. Their goal is to restore order by bringing prosperity and direction to the violent world they study.

Following their own doctrine to achieve Profit, The Perrin Sequence have turned away from the Corpus ideology that conflict must be capitalized upon. Instead these merchants search for ways to exercise their trade without instigating violence.

Red Veil

The Red Veil see corruption all around them. They are honor-bound to heal the system through a great and violent purge. No cost too great, no blood too precious.

Change is sudden, violent, and a necessary force to ensure the system can return to a state of balance. Red Veil see themselves as merely the instrument of this change.

New Loka

Only through restoration of a pure humanity and the repopulation of Earth can the conflict end. The New Loka are worshippers of the human form and Earth, before its corruption.No matter how far we reach into the stars New Loka knows it is Earth that has always been our home. Turning away from genetic tampering that has twisted the Grineer and the technological meddling that has corrupted Earth it is New Loka that fights for the repopulation of a world once abandoned.


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