Path of Exile : Forsaken Masters

Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters was released yesterday at 3PM pacific time. The new patch’s most notable feature are the 7 Forsaken Masters, Hideouts, Crafting Benches, Revamped Skill Tree, New Support & Skill Gems, New Challenge Leagues.


7 Forsaken Masters

There are 7 Forsaken Masters; Haku, Vorici, Elreon, Catarina, Vagan, Tora, and Zana. Each of them are masters of their own fields, they also contribute to a certain type of item enchantment. They are random NPC that randomly spawn throughout your journies. Meeting a Forsaken Masters will allow to get reputation points toward them. Their max reputation level is 8.



After reaching a reputation of level 3 from any Forsaken Master, you will be able to build your own hideout. Your hideout with getting bigger as your reputation level increases. Your hideout’s theme is based on whichever Forsaken Master you choose to base it off. Hideouts can have up to 32 total players and can be decorated.


Crafting Benches

Crafting Benches become available when your have your own HIdeout. At this point depending on your reputation level with your Forsaken Masters, you can incorporate specific stats into your weapon for a currency cost. The higher the reputation, the better stat effect it will offer along with a higher currency cost. Each Forsaken Masters has different stats for different type of equipment.


New Skill Gems

Tornado Shot Fire a piercing shot that travels until it reaches the targeted location. It will then fire projectiles out in all directions from that point.
Herald of Ash Channel fire through your hands, adding fire to your physical damage. If you kill an enemy with an attack, other enemies near them will be ignited for the overkill damage.
Herald of Ice Channel ice through your hands, adding cold damage to spells and attacks. If you shatter an enemy, they explode and deal cold damage to enemies near them.
Poacher’s Mark A curse that reduces enemy evasion, grants you life and mana when you hit them, increases your flask charge gain and has a chance to grant you a Frenzy Charge when you kill them.
Generosity Auras linked to Generosity have increased Aura effect for your allies, but do not affect you.


New Rogue Exiles

  • Zacharie Desmarais – Molten Strike & Lightning Strike
  • Vickas Giantbone – Ethereal Knive totems, Bear Trap, Vulnerability & Enfeeble
  • Wilorin Demontamer – Ball Lightning,Storm Call



  • Quest Tracker
  • New color border around UI
  • New Menu tab


New Challenge Leagues

  • Rampage League – Kill monsters to gain kill streaks up to 13th Tier
  • Beyond – Random Portal will appear spawning demons, killing these monsters in close proximity will open up big and bigger portals. There are extra drop rewards for top-tier Beyond demons.


Location Changes

  • Abandoned Shipyard – Now has more ships and less shores
  • Brutus Prison Room – There are no walls to block you from Brutus now. The room is also wider.
  • Mervil’s Lair – The room is smaller.


Exile Classes

  • Shadow – Starts with Viper Strike
  • Duelist – Starts with Double Strike
  • Life per level :8 -> 12


Skill Gem Changes

  • Burning Arrow, Detonate Dead, Viper Strike, Shockwave Totem, Ball Lightning, Cleave, Sweep, Flame Surge, All Ice-based skills, Summon Skeleton, Raise Spectre & Zombies have received a buff that will increase its damage output directly or in DPS.
  • Critical Weakness and Warlord’s Mark has been buffed so it has now added extra effect on top of its original debuffs.
  • All curses have had their power reduced.
  • Anger, Wrath’s level 20 skill gem has been reduced by 24% damage.
  • Chain, Fork, LMP & GMP and all added damage skill gems have had their mana multiplier reduced.
  • Cast on Critical Strike has been nerfed greatly reducing its critical chance by 20% at all levels.


Passive Skill Tree

  • Redesigned Witch and Shadow starting areas.
  • Areas around Witch, Shadow and Ranger have also been redesigned.
  • Life and Energy Shield clusters have been reduced to only two.
  • There are clusters of Fire,Cold, Lightning, Wand, Dagger, Trap/Mine, Claw, Bow, Sword and Dual Wields that give the highest values.



  • Level 65 & 70 Flasks
  • Bows now have a 11% base damage increase
  • Short Bows now have more damage for exchange in attack speed
  • All other weapons have had their attack speed increase and damage decreased.
  • Chin Sol, Darkscorn, Dying Breath, Infractem, Mon’tregul’s Grasp, Shackles of the Wretched, Soul Mantle and Crown of Thorns have received buffs.
  • Crown of Eyes has been nerfed.
  • 15 New Uniques.



  • Fairgraves – Now uses spectral throw and summoning raging spirit
  • Brutus – Does less damage and his hooks only pull what his aiming at, summon spikes from the floor, summons mobs.
  • Merveil – More annoying, has more CC skills. Seconds form spawns all her sisters along with geysers that slow and hurt you.

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