GMS V.152 : Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple

New Sengoku Content

The upcoming update that arrives on August 13 will allow you to go back in time and play as Kanna, Hayato, or their friend Ayame in the Sengoku Era where you are able to explore the new Hieizan Temple plus embark on the Princess No Expedition which could potentially award Lvl.140 secondary weapon equips, a chair, and other rewards. Ayame is an upcoming new class that is part of the Sengoku Era, its possibly has a sub class of either a pirate or archer. I am pretty sure that you can play from any class because you will be transformed into either Kanna, Hayato or the new class Ayame.


Meanwhile in near Leafre, a mysterious kingdom of Kritias has appeared. Inside Kritias, you can hunt commanders and minions to earn Kritias Points and Kritias Coins, then you can exchange them for Lvl.150 Gear. Kritias will consists of a few daily quests and some Invasions Events once in a while. One can hope to find new damage skins, chairs, mounts, and other shiny loot in Kritias.

Possible Coin Shop Items

  • Inverse Jewel Earring
  • Inverse Metal Shoulder
  • Inverse Codex
  • Hekaton’s Rest Chair
  • Flying Battleship Mount Coupon
  • Hekaton’s Fist Mount Coupon
  • Kritias 1.5x EXP Coupon
  • Kritias Magic Stone Drop Coupon
  • Tyrant Hermes/Charon/Lyacaon/Altair Gloves
  • Hilla/Magnus/Von Leon/Arkarium Metamorph Potion
  • Digitalized Damage Skin
  • Kritias Damage Skin
  • Empress/Magnus/Chaos Root Abyss Reset Tickets
  • Magic Stone Combiner

In Invasion Events, Commander and Minions invade Kritias several times per day and depending on the outcome of the Invasion, the environment will also differ. Most likely defeating a Commander or high ranked monster will award you Kritias Points.


Jett Revamp

Jett is getting a complete overhaul with a set of skills getting revamped. Two new skills added will be Backup Beatdown and Starforce Salvo. Backup Beatdown lets your bounty hunter comrades join you in a flurry of attacks. While Starfroce Salvo fires multiple volleys of energy bolts. In addition to these new skills, Jett will be given a new secondary weapon and a health boost. Finally, Jett storyline is getting new content such as a new expanded intro.

New Maple Leaf High

Maple Leaf High has been almost completely redesigned replacing old NPC with new ones. Just like old Maple Leaf High, you will have to fight your way through classrooms completing a different quest in every room. Depending on what room you reach before time is over, you will be rewarded Model Student Candies which can be exchanged for brand new totems and other items.


The upcoming update will consists of a Bounty Hunter Event which you will find Wanted posters all over the Maple World. Completing each bounty can potentially reward sunglasses, rings, necklaces, earrings, and event medals and badges.

The other event that has been confirmed is a Clam Shell Attendance Check Event where you must collect Pearlescent Clamshells from monsters between your level. Completing the attendance will reward various scrolls and a free Character Slot Expansion Coupon somewhere between the ranks.


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