Warframe Update 14 Quanta Overview & Build

Warframe has released the non-corrupted version of the Mutalist Quanta, The Quanta (Duh)..


Designed to assist with the excavation of mineral deposits from large asteroids, the Quanta has been adapted for military purposes. This multi-function weapon shoots both a lethal laser beam and an explosive energy cube. Use them together for precise detonation!


Unlike the Mutalist Quanta, it doesn’t spin and isn’t a rapid fire rifle. It’s more of a Laser Rifle which also consists of the same ability of the Mutalist Quanta which fires out a projectile but instead of infected mass tissues its more of a mass of energy condensed into a cube. The cube is different from the Mutalist Quanta because will explode on impact. Instead of having a Zoom-In Mechanic, it switches into a secondary fire mode which lets it shoot cubes that travel a short distance before halting its movements. The Quanta has a whooping 220.0 electricity Damage. The Projectile does Blast damage upon collision. Each Cube costs 10 ammo.

Only ways to obtaining the Quanta is through Clan Dojo Energy Lab or Marketplace through Platinum.


The Quanta’s Stats

  • 100 Accuracy
  • 1.0 Firerate
  • 10% Critical Chance
  • 100% Critical Damage
  • 10% Status
  • 60 Magazine Size
  • 2.0 Reload Speed
  • Held Trigger
  • 220.0 Electricity Damage



  • Status Chance is great. 10% per second.
  • Has 200% Critical Damage
  • Ammo efficient similar to the phage.
  • Electric damage is quite high.
  • At least it has a polarity
  • Can fire for a minute straight, clean.
  • You can shoot the Cubes to improve its damage.



  • No zoom-in feature which hinders its range.
  • The secondary fire (The Cube) travels very slowly and just stops.
  • Contains a D polarity.



Since the Quanta has such high Electric Damage it would be shame not to combine with another element. There are 3 ways to go, either Corrosive, Radiation or Magnetic. Builds will be added later after Warframe Build has added it to it’s database. Since the Quanta seems like a good weapon that can scale pretty well into the late game, I would sacrifice a few forma to take it to it’s maximum efficiency.

Good against Grineer – 5 Forma

  • Stormbringer (Damage) / High Voltage (Status)
  • Hellfire (Damage) /Thermite Rounds (Status)
  • Whatever you want recommend either High Voltage or Thermite Rounds
  • Serration
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Split Chamber
  • Cryo Rounds
  • Malignant Force

Corpus (Mainly Machine) – 5 Forma

  • Stormbringer
  • High Voltage
  • Cryo Rounds
  • Split Chamber
  • Serration
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Hellfire
  • Thermite Rounds

Infested – 5 Forma

  • Stormbringer
  • High Voltage
  • Malignant Force
  • Infected Clip
  • Serration
  • Split Chamber
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Cryo Rounds

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