League Of Legends Tribunal News


Actually, to clarify a few things: Tribunal wasn’t broken. We had to take it down for some pretty immense upgrades, such as retooling the algorithms entirely to include machine learning, to add positive cases for review, and to make the system globally viable in every language around the world–that’s a lot of work.

What we meant by diminishing returns was, the system was getting so accurate that continuing to work on accuracy was hitting diminishing returns. Instead, by using machine learning, we can also focus on improving how the Tribunal handles the ‘severity’ of cases and improving the speed of the system.

We’ll be bringing the system back globally, which is a huge goal for us because for awhile only servers like NA/EU benefited from the system.



After over a year since the Tribunal Systems for NA/EU has been taken off for maintance and upgrades. Tribunal has been confirmed to come back upgraded and globally rather than NA and EU. This will potentially solve the problems in foreign regions where AFKers and being Toxic aren’t punished.


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