Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter

The first hearthstone expansion consists of 5 parts, one of which is free at the moment while the rest are only available through purchasing them through in-game currency or real money. Just like other games first expansion, this expansion consist of a lot of bugs and technical difficulties, so don’t be surprised if you can’t connect to the server or experience minor lags or bugs such as not being rewarded your cards.

The first expansion of Heartstone is based on singleplayer where you explore the depths of the Naxxramas by facing AI controlled enemies. The Arachnid Quarter is currently the only free expansion. The rest can either be purchased or released weekly.

The Arachnid Quarter is themed after Undead Arachnids similar to Crypt Fiends in Warcraft 3.  Achieving Victories over these AI enemies will lead to rewards of new Hearthstone cards. Such as defeating the first boss, Anub’Rekhan will rewards the player with two copies of the Haunted Creeper. Followed by the second boss, Grand Widow Faerlina which will grant two pairs of the Nerub’ar Weblord Cards.

Upon beating the final boss, Maexxna on normal, you will be rewarded with two Nerubian Egg plus the Legendary Maexxna card. Beating the Arachnid Quarter on Normal Mode will potentially fight two Class Challenges which will drop new class specific cards upon defeat. There is also a Heroic Mode of the Arachnid Quarter which have all the bosses at an increased difficulty.

Next week should feature the Plague Quarter which should consists of a theme based off the abominations from Warcraft 3 or rats since recently Blizzard have been basing their inspiration on the Warcraft series (RTS).


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