Assassins Creed Unity Pre-Order Bonuses & Collectors Edition

Ubisoft has 4 Retailers associated with Assassins Creed Unity’s Pre-Order Bonuses. These 4 Retailers to choose from are Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and Bestbuy. Each consisting of a weapon bonus and an in-game mission titled Explosive Chemical Revolution. Pictures are in that order from left to right.


The Collectors Editions comes with a Collector’s Box, Official Soundtrack, 16′ Arno Figurine, Art Book, Music Box and 2 Extra Missions that supposedly provides “45 Minutes of Gameplay”. All for the price of $129.99.

You can pre-order your copy of Assassins Creed Unity here.


My opinion on the Pre-Order bonuses is that it’s pretty rubbish and unoriginal since all the pre-order bonuses are essentially still a weapon and a in-game mission which should be skipped since they don’t seem to bear any advantages to having them. The Pre-Order also pressures the whole group into pre-ordering since you all need the DLC to play it.

On the other hand, The Collectors Edition has more appealing benefits such as a Soundtrack, Physical Music Box, Figurine and an Art Book to be impressed by. Even though the Collector’s Edition is appealing, I would still have to passed since its simply overpriced. For example look at the Diablo 3 Collectors Edition, it was priced at only $99.99 and it essentially included everything I mentioned above except the Music Box plus more.



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