Warframe Akzani Overview & Builds

Update 14 brought upon a new dual wielding machine gun secondary called the Akzani. This weapon is pretty much a Dex Furis except its obtainable and has lower base stats compared to the Dex Furis. The Akzani makes back up for the low base stats because it has a 400 max ammo cap which allows for more sustain damage.

It is obtainable through the Marketplace and requires 20,000 Credits, 1,500 Salvage, 1,000 Polymer Bundle, 2 Morphics , 2 Argon Crystals and takes half a day to be completed.

Weapon Stats

  • 2 Impact
  • 9.1 Puncture
  • 1.9 Slash
  • 8.7 Accuracy
  • 20.0 Fire rate
  • 200% Critical Damage
  • 5% Critical Chance
  • 100 Size Magazine
  • 2.0 Reload Speed
  • Automatic



  • Has a line polarity slot.
  • Biggest Max Ammo Size for a secondary.
  • High fire rate.
  • 100 Magazine Clip
  • High Puncture Damage
  • Obtainable unlike the Dex Furis


  • Requires Argon Crystals.
  • Crit chance is pretty low.
  • Status chance is also low.
  • Just like other automatic secondary, accuracy is bad at long range.
  • Looks pretty ugly compared to Dex Furis
  • Just like every other secondary other than the Detron and Brakk, just used for mastery ranks or fun.



Since I don’t recommend formaing the Akzani, this build is oriented targets Grineer by focusing on only corrosive and damage. This build contain no Event Mods and can be easily changed depending on its situation.



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