Warframe Mirage

Mirage the new Warframe is descried as a Master of Illusion. She has been released on Update 14: The Mad Cephalon. She can be obtain through The Hidden Message quest which is available in the Market place and crated using Oxium, Orokin Ciphers and an Argon Crystal. Orokin Cipher is only available by opening Vaults in the Orokin Derelict and only one can be rewarded each run.

Her base stats are

  • Health : 80
  • Shields : 80
  • Power : 150
  • Armor : 65
  • Stamina : 100



Hall of Mirrors which creates clones that are in sync with Mirage’s movements in order to distract and confuse the opposition.

Sleight of Hand or “Comedy of Errors” turns surrounding objects around into booby-trapped objects.

Eclipse can be either an offensive and defensive buff that will either lower enemy damage or increase your damage.

Prism is an energy orb that absorbs power per second that shoots laser in all direction which can bounce from location to location. The energy orb can be activate again to detonate the orb which also blinds nearby enemies.



Upon learning her abilities, all of them have some sense of utility but I believe Sleight of Hand becomes useless very quickly.

Duration mods such as Continuity benefit all her abilities but I am still not sure what duration will do for prism.

The only two abilities that I seem fit to optimize is Hall of Mirrors as a defensive ability and Eclipse as both a defensive and offense ability.

Seeing that both of her base Health and Shields are the same, it would be more beneficial to use Redirection rather than Vitality.

The most optimum build in my opinion is Redirection , Eclipse , Hall of Mirror , Energy Siphon , Intensify , Streamline , Blind Rage, Narrow Minded , Vitality and Stretch. If you prefer to play solo probably take off Stretch and put on Vigor. 

You mainly become an utility Warframe in the near late game because your Eclipse pretty much is Frost’s Mobile Snow Globe or Rhino’s Roar. While Hall of Mirrors is your defensive ability to keep you away from harm.

Note these are only assumptions since I haven’t fully tested Mirage yet.



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