Warframe – Kubrow Guide

Note: If your Kubrow’s DNA Stability reaches 0% it will die.

Each Kubrow depending on its Variant has a different oriented battle style:

Huras Kubrow

Prized for its ability to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, the Huras Kubrow were first used as hunting companions by the Orokin elite. Orokin Era Tenno soon adapted the strain for use in covert missions and assassinations.

Huras Kubrow are Kubrow who are stealth oriented which are noted to be the best in Covert and Assassination Missions. Huras Kubrows have more Shields than all the other Kubrows. They have two unique abilities, Hunt and Stalk. Hunt allows Huras Kubrows to tackle nearby enemies. While Stalk is similar to Shade‘s ability to cloak its Master.

Raksa Kubrow

Designed by the Orokin to be the perfect companion, a Kubrow was never far from its master’s side. Loyal and obedient, these creatures made ideal bodyguards. Equipped with shield generators for added protection, their fierce growl could paralyze any attacker with fear.

Raska Kubrows and Kubrows who are more defense orientated . Its unique abilities are Howl and Protect. Howl is similar to Nekros’ Terrify where it sends enemies running away. Protect is similar to sentient Guardian where it fully replenishes the owners shield back to full. Raska Kubrow have balanced stats. This is the Kubrow I have been blessed with.

Sahasa Kubrow

Enterprising Orokin genetic designers recognized that the Kubrow’s affinity for games of fetch could be used for more serious endeavors. They soon developed a strain adept at reconnaissance and contraband recovery. Tenno often used the creatures to help resupply while in the field.

Sahasa Kubrows are Kubrows designed for gathering loot. It’s unique abilities are Dig and Ferocity. Dig is exactly what it sounds like, your Kubrow digs up loot and conveys it back to you. Ferocity allows Kubrow to do finisher moves while the enemies are on the ground. It deals 20% more damage up to rank 5 which does 120%. Sahasa Kubrows have more health than all the other Kubrows.

Sunika Kubrow

Once the value of Orokin guard-pets had been realized, it was not long after the Orokin guard began experimenting with strains designed for combat. These were no longer household pets but superior war animals bred for ferocity and aggression. Alad V is planning on using this breed to disrupt the Jupiter system because of its battle prowess.

Sunika Kubrows are the damage dealers of the kubrows. They have Savagery and Unleashed. Savagery is very similar to Ferocity having the same 20% increased finisher damage up to 120% at rank 5. Unleashed allows the Kubrow to take down an enemy to the floor. Sunika Kubrows have more health than normal but have less shields than normal.

Chesa Kubrow

This Kubrow will disarm adversaries and retrieve the spoils of battle.

The Chesa Kubrow is the equivalent Kubrow to the Carrier Sentinel before vacuum became universal for all sentinels. It’s special abilities are Neutralize and Retrieve. Neutralizes makes your Kubrow attack an armed enemy and disarm them similar to Loki’s disarm and Retrieve has your Kubrow pick up components scattered across the map.

Helminth Charger

An Infested pet bred from the Helminth Cyst.

The Helminth Charger is a infested pet that was bred from the Helminth Cyst and a Kubrow egg. It’s special abilities are Proboscis and Trample. Proboscis gives your Helminth Charger the ability to harpoon enemies and drag them towards itself. While Trample will allow your Helminth Charger to tackle multiple enemies.

Helminth Cyst is achieved by removing it from your warframe after being affected and allowing it to fully mature via Helminth who is unlocked after Nydus’ questline.

Before you can raise your Kubrow, you must first obtain its segment for your player ship. To do this you should hunt the Jackal on Fossa until he drops a Howl of the Kubrow. Which allows you to start your Kubrow quest. (Go to your Codex then into the Quest tab to start the quest) The first part of Howl of the Kubrow is to acquire the Incubator Segment which would be located at Jupiter,Elara. It’s a survival mission that awards the Incubator Segment upon 5 minutes. The install it into your player ship. Your next objective is to get an Kubrow Egg which can be found in Kubrow Dens on Earth,E Prime or purchased from the Market but while your attempting to obtain an egg you should also start your Incubator Power Core which is a blueprint that can be bought in the Marketplace. The Incubator Power Core costs 50,000 Credits and requires 100,000 Credits, 4,500 Nano Spores, 2 Control Modules, and an Argon Crystal. It takes 8 hours to be completely built in the foundry. Quite expensive.

After 24 Hours, the Kubrows hatches and becomes a pup. It takes the Kubrow another 2 days (Daily Reward Rotations) to become an adult.  When the Kubrow has become an adult, you go to Earth and do a Defense Mission up to Wave 5 to obtain a collar for your Kubrow. After obtaining the Collar you can bring your Kubrow along with you on missions.


Since the recent 14.0.5 Hot Fix, Kubrow Loyalty has been fixed.

When you bring your Kubrow on missions and they die, their loyalty will drop by 40%.

Interacting with your Kubrow will add 20% loyalty with a maximum of 3 per day.

The message can vary on from “Your Kubrow Name” is happy to see you up to they coward of your presences.


Since Hot Fix 14.0.5, DNA scrambling has been removed due to community dislike.

Genetic Imprint are imprints of your Kubrow most often used to obtain a certain Fur Color or Kubrow Type. Two of the same Genetic Imprint will most certainly guarantee the outcome to be the same as the Imprint.

DNA Integrity

DNA Intregity is pretty much your Kubrow’s wellbeing even though it really doesn’t make sense. At 100%, your kubrow has 100% of its health. I believe each day it decreases by 20%. To maintain it at 100% you would need DNA Stabilizers. DNA Stabilizers can be obtained from the marketplace for 100,000 credits for 6 packs. Each Stabilizers gives back 20% of its DNA Integrity.


The Stasis will allow your Kubrow to not lose loyalty nor health. The Kubrow will stay inside the Stasis until you recover it but the minimum  required time in the stasis is 3 hours. This is usually used so you can breed another kubrow. You can have up to 4 Stasis . You start with 1 and can get more by spending Platinum.


It’s not really breeding just hatching another Kubrow. It requires your current Kubrow to be in the stasis. You can have a total of 4 Kubrows (1 Currenctly outside, 3 Inside Stasis)

Kubrow Mods

There are 17 released mods for the Kubrow that can only be obtained from Feral Kubrow from Earth or the use of transmutation. 8 out of the 16 Mods are certain Kubrow limited as in each Kubrow have 2 of these Mods and are limited only for those Kubrows to use. Out of the remaining 9 Mods, 1 of them are rare, 5 are uncommon and 3 are common.

The rare mod “Bite” can only be obtained through transmutation.

Mods consists of

  • Loyal Companion: Increases Bleedout Duration up to 90%
  • Pack Leader: Heals your Kubrow up to 36% of your Melee Damage
  • Scavenge: Up to 90% Your Kubrow can unlock a locked Locker.
  • Fast Deflection: Increase Shield Recharge up to 90%
  • Link Armor: Share Armor up to 110%
  • Link Health: Share Health up to 165%
  • Link Shields: Share Shields up to 110%
  • Maul: Increase Kubrow Damage up to 330%
  • Bite: Increase Critical Chance up to 330% and Critical Damage up to 220%

Kubrow Customization

As of update 14.5, the Kubrow customization has been re-released. It has been redesigned to be more like color palettes for Warframes now. You can buy them at the marketplace for 50 plat each. The current available masking kits as they are called are Savaenga Gene and Telmatian Gene.


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