Destiny Beta PS4 & PS3

So just yesterday, Bungie has officially opened Destiny Beta to the PS4 and PS3 consoles. Starting from today (July 18th) everyone who has been invited or has a beta key has a week to experience Destiny’s character creation, story missions, co-op, public events, and game mechanics. The Destiny Beta is approximately 10.97 GB on the PS4 version. Also the Beta launch hasn’t been going smoothly and be prepared to face some technical difficulties regarding Installation and Download/Beta Key problems.


Q. Do I get something cool for playing the Destiny Beta?


Yup! Play the Destiny Beta on Saturday, July 26th, beginning at 2PM PDT, to earn an exclusive emblem for the retail version of Destiny. We’ll also be delivering some fun and unexpected surprises throughout the Beta!



There are two possible ways of getting into the Beta Access either by having already a Beta Key or Pre-ordering the game which provides 3 Beta Keys so you can share with your buddies. Pre-ordering can be found here.

If you have a Beta Key you can redeem it here with your Bungie ID. (Linking Console Accounts to Bungie ID will have no effect in which console your Beta Key will be used for.)

Your Beta Key should either be on your receipt or an email if you pre-ordered online. After entering your code, pick your desired console then wait for Bungie to send you your download codes. (May take a while since traffic is pretty high at the moment) Note that each Beta Key can only be used for one console and the only available console Destiny Beta is available one is PS4 and PS3 until July 23rd at 10AM PDT where the Destiny Beta will be open for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The Destiny Beta will lasted until the end of the day on July 26th PDT and the full game will release on September 9. So play Destiny while its available and possibly obtain some Beta only gear before having to wait 1 month before it’s fully released.



2 thoughts on “Destiny Beta PS4 & PS3

  1. I bought Digital Guardian edition, from PSN I have received email confirmation and receipt yet receipt has no beta codes, also there is no way to download beta from PSN. I have checked everywhere. And in my available downloads it just says Destiny and Destiny vanguard access available to download on 9/04/14


    • Bungie said that their delivery time of codes may be slow due to the high traffic but to be sure you should send in a support ticket ASAP.

      The reason why you can’t download the beta from PSN is because you first must have your beta key and redeem it on the website in order to receive a download code then you can download the Destiny Beta.


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