Revamp Vampirism Fire Guide

Heres the full Vampirism Fire Guide I never finished, it’s optimized for the latest version of Vampirism Fire which should be v5.10. Don’t trust me 100% completely on my methods and its efficiency but the only voucher I have is that I used to be in Dong Kong Hitters until their downfall. This new version has a lot of changes that I am no too familiar at the moment. So first of all, your mostly like reading this guide because you either just played your first match and completely feed the vampirism or demolished by the humans or you are just trying to improve your timings/techniques etc.

The main objective of this game is to get rid of the opposing team as in Humans need to kill all the Vampires while the Vampires have to kill all the humans. I’m going to start with how to successfully play the human role.


Approaches to Winning as Human

There is two approach to winning my opinion, one is early game cheese while the other is late game sustain. Early game cheese consists of traps with the terrain to destroy the vampires while their strong. While late game sustain consists of having a wall they can’t break or build strong enough towers to take them out before they take you out. Early game cheeses will be explained in more depth at a later point because most of the times the vampire is skilled enough to avoid these traps. Before I can go into how to play these role efficiently you must learn the basics.


Human Basics – The Human Unit (Your Life)

The basic human is the most important unit in the game when your playing as a Human because if he dies, you die. When you die you have choice to either spectate the game or also become a Vampire as a Vampire Minion. Assuming you already know the basic of Warcraft such as the move,stop,hold position, attack and patrol commands, I don’t have to go into depth with these concepts. (If you don’t i suggest searching them up.) The first unique ability the Human has is the ability to repair structures, this can be used to repair any structure that doesn’t have full health. Next is the ability to blink, this is your choice of transportation at all times because the move command is way too damn slow. There are two of these abilities already bound to the hot keys N and K. Followed by an ability to change gender which is just a change in unit model bound to the hot key F. The next ability is the build ability bound to the hotkey B which allows you to build structures that help enhance your survivability and threat to the vampires. Followed by the ability Mana Burn which steals 500 mana from the vampire and also redirecting 500 damage directly to them. Mana Burn isn’t really necessary a very useful ability unless the situation calls upon it for example if he has taken significant damage and you Mana Burn him so he doesn’t have enough mana to heal resulting in his death then that is an appropriate situation to use it. The last skill is Human Teleport which can only be unlocked later on by a research. Human Teleport teleports surrounding units to your set location which is to another unit or structure. This ability is only useful when your being attack and your defense has been broken you need to quickly leave the location to prevent death. There is actually no need to research Human Teleport because every worker after the first ones have the ability to blink just like your Human. These are the basic of your Human Unit, now lets move into the Build ability and what thing each structure does.



In the beginning your only allowed 3 possible structures to build, those structures are the House, Tent and Flag.

The House (H) is primary used for training workers to harvest wood. It can be later upgrade to produce better workers.

Tents (T) provides 25 food which increases your supply count and is mainly used to increase supply count and to block vampires from successfully reaching your workers without any resistance.

The Flag (L) is used to claim a base so you and solely you can build in a corresponding area, you can allow others to build in your area with the command “-allow [color]”

After you have built a house you are given permission to build 5 other structures such as the Slayer’s Tavern, Pearl Tower, Carnelian Wall, Research Center and Wall of Health.

The Slayer’s Tavern (A) is the structure used to produce the only hero unit you can have in the game, aka the Slayer. The Slayer is weak in the beginning and must be put into the Slayer Pool to gain levels. They gave a level every minute interval into the pool. You can leave the pool at anytime because the Slayer has worldwide blink but its recommend to return to the pool before the timer in the right reached the next minute. The slayer is also the only unit in the Human side that can pick up Gold that drops from structures after a vampire has destroyed it.

The Pearl Tower (S) is your line of offense in the beginning, its serves as a tower that can be upgrade to wield higher damage outputs.

Carnelian Wall (W) is your only line of defense that actually viable to take more than 5 hits in the early game. The wall can be upgraded up to an Amethyst Wall at first before you obtain your first gold.

Research Center (R) is a structure that allows upgrade regarding your worker harvesting rate, amount, wall health etc. Mainly some of these research can be ignored because they prove to have no significant benefit from getting them such as the Human attack range increase.

Wall of Health (F) is essentially a healing tower that heals your Human if he take significant damage. This should not be used to block the vampire because it can be easily destroyed.

The remaining structures are locked until you obtain your first gold. When you have obtain your first gold you can successfully build a Human Vault (V) which allows the creation of Gold Mines (G) which allows you have a minute gold income which becomes used to produce strong harvest, walls, upgrades, towers, etc.

By this point you don’t have to become in-depth with the other buildings because their essentially upgrades of these structures.



Now you know the basic there are a few strategies in order to get into the sustain game. The first approach is mainly luck that he doesn’t stubble into your base location in which you try to harvest as much wood as you possibly can until you get your first gold either from destroyed structures or the 12 minute mark in one base. The one base approach is the most effective because it doesn’t have any down time but is very vulnerable and could possibly feed the vampire more than the other method. The other method is to build Mini-Bases which is creating multiple spots that consist of a few Houses and a few Tents to create a limited amount of workers so you don’t have to halt all wood harvest when your base is broken into. These are the two approaches I take in the early game as a general goal to follow. If you done this correctly and with fully efficiency than you should have around 45k wood.

Now into the smaller details of the other stuff you should do when your waiting for your first gold. You should attempt to allot 800 lumber and 20 food as fast as possible then follow-up by building a Slayer’s Tavern followed by producing a slayer. What you want to aim for is any time before one minute because any time after one minute would result in your being a level behind in your slayer. After creating your Slayer’s Tavern you build a Research Center when ever possible than immediately research Improved Lumber Harvesting. After this your main goal is to max you supply and to max the amount of harvest you have. After maxing you should keep researching the next Lumber Harvesting research and when done you should research Sharpened Hatchets which doubles your harvesting speed. After you finish researching all the Lumber Harvesting related stuff you should Gem Quality until it’s maxed. After researching these upgrades, all you have to do is

  • 1. Make sure your Human doesn’t die
  • 2. Stay at maxed harvester all harvesting at max efficiency
  • 3. Do not feed as in if your being attacked and your Harvesters are valuable Detonate them so they can’t be killed by the Vampire.
  • 4. Pay attention to the vampire so you might have a chance of snatching a gold drop with your slayer when he destroys a structure.
  • 5. Make sure your Slayer does not die or if he does revive him and attempt to get him as high level as you can.

As a Human you are at a huge disadvantage in the beginning of the game but when you obtain a gold, the tables are turned.

When you obtain a gold, the first decision you should make is which Base you would like to take. Among all the bases I categorize them into three categories: Direct Base, Long Base, Dead Base.

 Direct bases are bases that have the walling spot at the utmost part of the base and have no other walling area. These bases are usually the largest bases in the game. These base have the second worst offensive positions because it does not require the vampire to go into your compact base while taking fire from your towers.

Long bases are bases that allow walling to be farther into the base which makes the vampire come into your base where he essentially only has one way of exit. These bases are the best bases because they provide both the best offensive positioning and defense positioning. The only downfall to these bases is that when entering late game, you might run out of room to put gold mines.

Dead bases are pretty much worthless bases such as the one that requires you to go through a portal. These bases are the less viable bases and posses the worst offensive and defensive positioning.

After you find your optimal base you should proceed to first

  • Build a wall at your desired walling location.
  • Bring your Slayer’s then use your “Summon Tracker” ability then scouts around your base to see if the vampire has shaded your base.
  • After you have confirmed your base has no shades then upgrade your wall all the way up to amethyst.
  • After making an amethyst wall confirm that the Vampires are not near your location then quickly build your Human Vault then quickly upgrade your wall into a Sapphire Wall then into an Emerald Wall.
  • Build as much Gold Mines as you could, but in this case if you followed my guide line then you should have 2 Gold Mines if you didn’t have any outside interference.
  • At your next minute mark you should be getting a gold income at every one minute intervals in which you should use to build the new workers “Furbolg” which have a large load wield.
  • You should cover your Sphere of Doom spots in your base with Wall Towers and the Blood Spot with Blood Boxes. 
  • Theres many other alternatives to this approach if you have allotted more than one gold when you decided to choose a base. Such as if you have 2 gold and the Vampire’s attack are below 500 then it’s more efficient to upgrade your House into a Lumber House then train a simple tower builder a build a Wall Tower as your temporary wall in front of your real wall then your Gold Mines.

After you have build your defense you have 3 different approaches to go. Offensive approach, Defensive approach, or Income Approach. Out of all these approaches your first priority is to switch your basic harvesting units into Furbolgs.

The Offensive approach is to start prioritizing towers rather than defenses. The best setup in my opinion to make 4 opal towers in a 2×2 area where the top two towers should be upgraded into Flame Towers while the other ones should be a Frost Tower and Blood Tower. This setup is best for Long Bases because it traps them in an enclosed space and you should also build a Wall of Seeing if he got an Invis Cloak. You should upgrade your Flame Towers when ever available. After this you should become more economic and upgrade your Human Vault into a Citadel of Faith into a Command Center so you can build Comet Towers and Lightning Oracle and a Spire Tower if necessary. Also upgrade your wood harvester whenever available and your Gold Mines.

The Defensive approach is to research Iron Plating and up your Emerald wall up to a Chrysoprase Wall. This wall should hold up until he gets a Dracula Cloak, this is where you should become more income oriented again until you get your Citadel then make a Super Tower Builder to build a Ruby Wall rather than upgrade it from a Garnet Wall.

The Income Approach is to prioritize building and upgrading gold mines than enhancing your defense or offense.

To be honest by this time I just realized that you have so much time you should be able to do all these approaches rather than focus on one approach but you can orientated your build depending on your needs.If you happen to reach Base of Operations while there is only a single Vampire left, you essentially won the game already because he can’t break your Diamond Wall even if you only have one Iron Plating upgrade. Even with one unit repairing you should be able to keep it at almost 100% HP.


More to come.


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