U14 Warframe PC

Warframe Update 14 is suppose to launched sometime tomorrow.. Not sure if its a rumor or confirmed but I wanted to make a list of whats new because I can’t wait for the update. All I know that it will come Soon™.

This Thursday will mark the release of our most ambitious Update yet, Update 14! Intel from http://www.theliset.com reveals information on what’s coming your way this week. Get ready, Tenno! The scope of the changes coming may give some a bumpy ride, hold on tight! We’ll be standing by to catch you!




The most important aspect of this update is the introduction of player ships.. no more having to sit in the middle of the solar systems like a titan. Gives the player a more realistic and logical location of residence rather than believing your an almighty all seeing eye that knows when alerts happens because your in the middle of the solar systems.


Noob Friendly

Update 14 makes the beginning of Warframe more noob friendly and takes their hands in introducing important mechanics and skills that most people lack that eventually leads to them leaving the game. The update actually gives players an ELI5 type of tutorial to the game rather than giving new players the very basics then beliving them to figure out everything for themselves.



User Interface

The Interface update makes Warframe much more easily accessible and also easier to navigate for new players. Its give Warframe its futuristic feeling that it has long deserved making the game easier to become more in depth with. The update makes planet traveling and missions more realistic and logical such as the transition phase from planet to planet. The new graphical design of the planets and the zoom in mechanic to view the planets mission makes the mission selection phase of the game more appealing and easier to navigate.



The addition of Quests in Warframe gives Warframe a more in depth lore feeling which gets many players more of a reason to redo repetitive missions to learn some lore. Plus it gives Warframe more of linear story line that more appealing rather than a clusterfuck of features that has no story to back it up.


Valkyr Reanimation

With Valkyr being entitled with being one of the worst Warframes due to her not having substancial utility nor any significant damage output, DE has decided to revamp her to give warframers more of a reasoner to use her rather than let her sit there collecting dust. The revamp is essentially only going to give her own combos and possibly a buff but I believe a serious revamp is required to make her a viable warframe in the end game.


New Companions

DE has decided to add a new companion to the game to possibly replace the Sentinels since only one of them can be taken along to missions but even with this new addition I believe carrier would never be outclassed due to its utility. These Kubrows lessens Warframe image of endless violence and fighting, giving Warframe a more caring side as in raising a kubrow from an egg into a full grown adult but back into violence and fighting again. Each Kubrow has a different personality and appearance varying from a stealth oriented attack rather than a blood lust lion constantly hunting for their prey.


New Enviorments/Tilesets

Update 14 implicates either an upcoming new planet or some disaster that changes the solar system. It could be either of those or just some new enviroment/tilesets to planets that deserve a more in-depth surrounding that differentiates it from other planets. I can’t count how many times I’ve joined an alert and can’t figure out which planet i’m actually on.


 New Warframe Mirage

Update 14 consists of a new Warframe that essentially is full utility because its more of a trapper that use intelligence (not really) than sheer brute power. This Warframe was purposely leaked in the Breeding Ground Mod Sets possibly to hype up Update 14.


Confirmed Information

Too be honest I’m not really sure if this is confirmed because the https://www.warframe.com/theliset/ does not work for me but im just gonna assume these things are confirmed.

  • New Weapon: Silva + Aegis (Sword + Shield)
  • No New Prime Weapons
  • New Warframe: Mirage
  • PVP Revamp???? No Idea..

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