GMS V.151 Hot Summer Coins Farming

With rising heroes came a new event shop with some very appealing cosmetic and enhancing items. There are two methods that comes to mind when attempting to farm these Hot Summer Coins.


Mini Games

Update V.151 Rising Heroes came with numerous mini-games that can possibly reward Hot Summer Coins depending on your ranking. There is a total of 6 mini-games and only 4 of them reward Hot Summer Coins. If I did my math right the highest possible amount of Hot Summer Coins you can obtain daily is 250 assuming you win all of the games in first place. The minimum possible coins would be 30 daily. (Max estimated time 6.6 hours.. ouch)

Mini-games that reward hot summer coins are

  • Everyone’s Bingo
  • Game of Yut
  • Monsteropoly
  • One Card


Hot Summer Box Grinding

According to my calculation you have a 4.5% of getting a hot summer coin from a Hot Summer Box (1/22) but this is just a general assumption without knowing how the RNG in the Hot Summer Box works. In my experience 700 boxes gives me an average of 60 Hot Summer Coins.

The most efficient way to farming these boxes are high spawn rate area that are around your level and that you can possibly one hit with drop rate buffs.

The most efficient setup with be 2x Drop from Cash Shop + 2x Drop Rate Event + 2x Drop Coupon ~ 8x Drop Rate + Greed Pendant (20%) + Big Spider Familiar (60%) + Beast Tamer Cat Form’s Sticky Paws (15%) + Inner Ability (18%) + Potential Accessories (20%) = Assume Hot Summer Box drop rate is 5% and you have no level deductions that would equal about 125.06% drop rate which is already overkill. So you would have 100% drop rate on Hot Summer Boxes then if you can average 30 boxes per minute than in a hour you can possibly average 81 coins per hour if you don’t stop to open the boxes. (1800 Boxes per hour ~ 81 Coins with the 4.5% assumption but according to my experience should be around 160~220 Hot Summer Coins) But clicking is a pain even if its more efficient.

tl;dr: Mini-games are very inefficient in every aspect.. both time aspect and luck aspect. Grind boxes if you have time and don’t mind endless clicking or have a 100% drop rate setup.

edit: more math


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