The Action Fiber

The Action Fiber 

2012-10-05 00007.jpg

The Fibber is a Unique Pistol of Hyperion manufacture rewarded from a quest given by Mal in Eridium Blight.

Don’t get too excited , this gun can be deceiving. No will be. But its still pretty good. Well maybe. Your Opinion. Pew Pew Pew?

This gun has a huge critical chance : 1500%. It may vary.

Effect :

Would I lie to you?  – All figures shown on weapon card are false. Weapon’s real stats are highly variable; observed effects include bouncing shots which will sometimes cause bonus damage after bouncing, enormously high critical damage (of the order of +1500%), rounds slowing down if more than one is fired, firing multiple rounds at the same time, etc. In general a Fibber will have some means of doing an enormously large amount of damage. Stats for any given Fibber are constant and do not change after it has been generated. 50% love which you might love , probably?


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