Legend of Cryptids

Legends of Cryptids is a Card Game App with features of leveling up and evolving cards to improve its stats. (In Android and Apple products)


Features :

If you want , you use me as a ref. and we’ll both get a card and you’ll receive a starting amount of in-game currency. IGN : Zelitarh

When you choose your element , you receive a starter rare card ( Not really rare in my opinion) There are ranks in cards : Common -> Rare -> Ultra Rare (If you don’t included EX which are evolved versions.)

3 types of elements : water , fire , earth.  In my opinion having different elements doesn’t really have a difference except when doing events or normal missions , your event/mission “treasures”  are only 2 and the rest you have to Battle other players to get.

My final tips is to don’t use your Energy/Power Potions unless a rare is on the line or it requires a little bit to finish Important Fights / Missions.

This is one of my most played app , I highly recommend it.


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